Water Boilers In Uganda

Water Boilers In Uganda

How are gas-fired boiler explosion, and what means can suppress explosion

Since spring, our Tai'an, Shandong, Sichuan Mianyang and other places have occurred in a boiler explosion, causing casualties and damage a large area, as well as serious adverse social impact.

Boiler water treatment industry specific purpose of which: The purpose of boiler water treatment industry has a specific purpose which boiler water treatment industry specific industrial boiler water which generally comes from groundwater or directly use tap water. Even if they look clean, but in fact contains a lot of impurities, boiler work easily lead to a lot of scale generated, affecting the thermal conductivity of the boiler, at the same time have a corrosive effect on metal structures of the boiler, boiler operation hazards. The main purpose of the timely processing of industrial boiler water is to reduce the harm of harmful impurities in the water or scale. The water quality has a direct impact on the work of the boiler. Fouling will result in thermally conductive boiler difference, steel contrast boilers, thermal conductivities only 1%, will seriously affect the thermal conductivity of the boiler, therefore, to raise the temperature of the boiler inner walls to protect evaporation, addition, it should increase blast volume boiler and the amount of coal feed, to enhance the exhaust heat consuming process, which can not be fully carbon coal combustion, combustion in the boiler will not significantly reduce the thermal efficiency.

The Fangkuai Group's unique full-operating boiler operation laboratory has an annual operating cost of more than 5 million yuan, which can simulate the operating conditions of various types of boilers under multi-operating environment conditions. The laboratory provides technical tests such as test and inspection, analysis and evaluation, data evaluation, energy saving and environmental protection, and special software from materials to complete equipment, hardware to software, and even complex large systems.

Low temperature hot water boilers in uganda condensate corrosion preventive measures what? 1, reduced excess air ratio is reduced boiler flue gas dew point temperature, the main cryogenic preventing corrosion. When reduced from 1.15-1.2 to 1.01-1.02, the dew point temperature of flue gas can be reduced 50-60 ℃. Excess air as possible to reduce the proportion of fuel combusted in a reasonable amount of air, the minimization of SO3. Boiler products in the commissioning phase operation must be carried out with the detection of CO-O2 content, to ensure a reasonable amount of supply air, both to prevent lack of oxygen leads to incomplete combustion of fuel, but also to prevent excessive oxygen, a large formation of SO3. 2, an appropriate increase in wall temperature is generally heated return water temperature maintained at 70 ℃, the heated wall temperature above the dew point temperature, low temperature corrosion will not occur. Installation can be adjusted by the boiler water temperature is maintained to ensure a reasonable range, for example using a heat exchanger between the boiler and the circulation system, each independently, an additional pressure bypass system such as to increase the return water temperature. 3, selection reasonable selection of boilers is too small, resulting in less heat heating system, boiler water temperature is maintained at a low temperature level, there will be a lot of condensed water; of course, the boiler oversized, long-term can not be rated hot under load operation, not conducive to the operation of the boiler maintenance. 4, before and after the smoke condensate tank disposed condensate discharge port is provided before and after the smoke box-breasted, promptly discharging the condensed water, is simple and effective method. First, the problem of boiler design, ignore the condensed water droplets phenomenon and the extent of verification or design but unreliable or inadequate. Second, the problem of the condensate drain device is provided, but having a small diameter drainage unit or not a long time to clean up the smoke box open, scales, slag, soil erosion deposited smoke box at the end, blocked drain.

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