Water Boiler By Gas For Industry

Water Boiler By Gas For Industry

Buy domestic boilers domestic boilers method is mainly used for heating or hot water when used in life, the use of safe and efficient equipment, widely used, then the purchase should pay attention to those problems? Many people may not know much about this small series for everyone to explain the specific purchase method. First, the good general boiler water temperature constant, constant water flow, the use of secondary heat exchanger, gas and water with ease conflicts, the water temperature constant. Second, energy-efficient and comfortable. Whatever your choice of products, energy efficiency and comfort is to improve the basic quality of life standards. Electric heating is a few years ago once popular heating methods, but because power consumption is too large, may also increase security risks, therefore, energy-saving and comfortable heating equipment has become a consumer demand. Plumbing boiler mostly used wall-mounted gas boiler, external to the indoor thermostat, in order to personalize the temperature regulation and energy saving purposes. Indoor temperature controller efficiency of 20 to 28% of the gas cost. Third, easy to control. A good control system is normal household boilers, combustion operation to ensure the safety of inspection, maintenance, daily operation and fault analysis has important significance. It is essential to choose a high-performance boilers, especially at home with the elderly and children, not only to control the temperature of rooms according to their needs free to set the heating temperature, but also be able to set the temperature ahead of time before going home, a home to enjoy the warmth. Fourth, after-sales service continuity. For consumers in the purchase of products, especially bulky products, after-sales service is perfect and is an important factor. Professional companies generally have a complete service network and service system, not only to see the performance of enterprises and planning, but also is to look at business and professional qualifications, each link must be professional in order to ensure that the entire process of convergence of efficient, smooth. These are the purchase method of domestic boilers, at the time of purchase, not only to understand their true needs, but also according to different purchase models appropriate requirements of the boiler, the boiler using this feature was more in line with application requirements.

July 26, 2016, Beijing, China Everbright Paper Co., Ltd. and the company signed a "split 6 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler contract" by the company responsible for the WNS6-1.25-YQ split condensing gas boiler steam to all production, installation and commissioning work. The product is the use of condensing technology, effective emission of harmful substances SOx, NOx, COx, is industrial boilers efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

A steam boiler is an industrial boiler that heats water to a certain parameter and generates high-temperature steam. Water is heated into steam in the drum, and the furnace gives out heat, which is the principle of a steam boiler. Steam boiler belongs to special equipment. Boiler design, processing, manufacture, installation and use must be supervised by the technical supervision department. The user can only use the steam boiler by obtaining a certificate of use of the boiler. According to fuel (electricity, oil, gas), steam boiler can be divided into three types: electric steam boiler, fuel steam boiler and gas steam boiler. According to the structure, vertical steam boiler and horizontal steam boiler can be divided into small and medium steam boilers. Double-return vertical structure and large-scale steam boiler are mostly three-cycle horizontal structure. Steam boiler scale inhibitor is a composite product composed of organic phosphonic acid and polycarboxylic acid, which has high corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition. After washing the gas steam boiler, the water distribution tank becomes the water wall bottom box and the temperature resistance is very good, which can be effectively applied to the water treatment of the low pressure boiler. Gas-fired steam boilers are suitable for corrosion and scale inhibitors, as well as for seawater desalination, distillation and automobile water tanks. The use of scale inhibitors in steam boilers can effectively suppress copper tubes and carbon steel composite components in the process; anti-F E3, Cu 2 accelerates corrosion resistance. The scale inhibitor used in gas-fired steam boiler is the guarantee of the safety of the equipment, it can be easily removed completely and at the same time reduce, the operation is simple, safe and reliable. The scale inhibitor used in gas-fired steam boiler is simple, can be discharged after neutralization, safe and environmentally friendly. It can reduce the use of scale inhibitors to maintain the performance of gas-fired steam boilers, which is conducive to the direct use of users and regular cleaning and maintenance of gas-fired steam boilers, saving equipment maintenance costs. According to the specific operation conditions of gas-fired steam boiler, descaling is simplified and easy to install and operate.

The main composition of gas-fired boiler: combustor sets electricity, apparatus, oil, gas in one. The high degree of integration and automation is the focus of boiler system maintenance. Boiler body: boiler body is the main component of the thermal energy conversion computer control system: computer control system is the core component of the whole boiler operation and the command center of the boiler. Maintenance of various systems: burner maintenance: clean burner rotor, ignition device, filter, oil pump, motor and impeller system, lube the valve connecting rod. Re-test combustion conditions. Controller maintenance: repair and inspection of electrical components, control Line, clean control box ash collection, each control point for inspection. At last, seal treatment is carried out. Prevent the controller element from getting damp. Maintenance of water supply system: maintenance of water treatment equipment, inspection of water quality standards, comprehensive cleaning of water treatment system, inspection of water pump operation and head, inspection of the flexible use of valves in each pipe, etc. Shut off the valve when the system is filled with water. Furnace maintenance: in order to keep the boiler safe and economical, the maintenance of boiler must be strengthened in daily use. This is also an important measure to prevent thermal efficiency decline, to avoid deterioration of service conditions and boiler accidents. Large font displays water temperature, square Water temperature from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃ can be set at will, the boiler automatically heating the system or to provide users with life, bath hot water. The control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the furnace water temperature. When the furnace water reaches the set upper water temperature, the hot water circulating pump starts, and when the set lower temperature is lower than the set lower temperature, the hot water circulating pump stops. The horizontal gas-fired bath boiler is a three-way full wet back structure. It adopts the design of large furnace and coarse smoke pipe to increase the radiative heat absorption of the furnace and effectively save energy and reduce consumption. The effect of heat transfer is greatly enhanced and fuel consumption is greatly saved by the use of threaded smoke tube and waveform furnace tank. The whole machine has been equipped at the same time. Thermal protection (when the water temperature in the furnace is super high, the burner automatically stops working and beeps to alarm, the secondary over-heat protection (when the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 ℃, the secondary circuit is automatically cut off), and the protection against dry burning and water shortage (when the furnace water is lower than the very low water level, Boiler stop working and beep alarm), boiler leakage protection (control system detected electrical leakage, short circuit, will automatically cut off the power supply). The boiler is designed according to the normal pressure structure, the boiler is in no pressure state, and there is no danger of safety. High-grade centrifugal glass cotton multi-layer insulation, famous white color steel plate for external packaging, less heat loss, beautiful rust resistance.

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