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Top Supplier Hot Water Boiler

As far as we understand fast boiler, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province to respond positively to tackling air pollution control actions, and intensive phase-out of coal-fired boilers. May 22, Qinhuangdao City Funing District launched the first action, a paper mill for a six tons of coal-fired steam boiler on-site demolition work. By Comrade Sun Guosheng, deputy director attended the action, and announced that coal-fired boiler central demolitions began.

Party Secretary Sun Zhichuan, Wang Hua district leaders to direct the demolition work, the Municipal Bureau of ecological environment, the ecological environment Branch area, technology and industrial Information Bureau, staying Town, elm Town, the next village management area, Funing town and other relevant units attended centralized demolition action.

The demolition operation was eliminated Qinhuangdao unified action to ban coal-fired boilers, Funing District is the city's main venue for the implementation of this action. 2019 coal-fired boilers area demolished 33 sets of objectives and tasks is that this concentrated action demolish 14 units, 12 sets of new coal-fired boiler investigation, a total of 26 sets of 248 tons of steam coal use is expected to reduce the amount of 149,444 tons, 145.73 tons of sulfur dioxide reduction , 439.37 tons of nitrogen oxides, soot 37.36 tons.

The reason water; the loss of the water level control light; dereliction of duty fireman; water supply system failure, such as lack of water pressure, no water fill, water level indicator is incorrect and false water level; condensing gas boiler blowdown valve leak caused by lax etc. It may cause condensing gas boiler water. Condensing gas boiler water should be promptly find the cause and correct treatment, improper handling can cause serious accidents.

Whether the power plant boiler flue gas to be processed and diarrhea boiler tube Role: Boiler ventilation and the wind, there a difference? Power plant boiler flue gas produced, whether you want to be treated? And, what is diarrhea boiler tube? What effect it has? These issues are on the boiler, and also we must know and master, so the following will be given specific answers, so that we learn by, to have a clear understanding and correct understanding. 1. boiler ventilation and the wind, there a difference? Boiler ventilation and the wind, there is definitely a difference between the two, not only literally. Draft boiler, which refers to the fan air into the air heater is heated, and then fed to the furnace. The wind and the boiler, is the use of induced draft fan and stack, boiler flue gas discharged into the atmosphere.

What should we pay attention to in overloading operation of boiler

The problems that should be paid attention to in overloading operation of gas steam boiler: most heating units increase the output of boiler through various methods, so that some gas steam boiler is in overloading operation state. Although the way of over-loading operation reduces the energy consumption, by summing up the lessons, the Fangkuai Gas-fired Boiler reminds us that the following problems should be paid attention to.

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