Three Return Steam Boiler Solid Fuel

Three Return Steam Boiler Solid Fuel

This is our first collaboration with fast boiler, professional and caring service fast boiler's impressed us. From pre-sales advice to after-sales guidance, every step is very careful and thoughtful. They provide hot water boiler performance is also very good, and effectively improve the level of our heating units. --customer feedback

First, the gas hot water boiler "vaporization" Cause 1, resulting in a sudden power failure stop the pump, so that the cycle is interrupted, no measures were taken or not taken the right approach vaporization caused. 2, fireman untrained, unskilled hot water boiler operation. Such as the operation of the gas hot water boiler fuel delivery stop, stop sending incorrect pump stops when the wind, or when you start the ignition sequence is incorrect, the first after the ignition switch pump; pump stops after the first shutdown time and oven temperature bottomed out, and many more. 3, the circulation loop by mistake to close the outlet valve, circuit valves, or pipes freezing, blockage, etc. interruption. 4, gas hot water boiler circulation loop leaks, constant pressure device failure, not caused by lack of timely replenishment of water, the pressure drop. 5, exports of both thermometers and pressure gauges boiler failure, fireman personnel failed to timely detection. 6, boiler design is unreasonable, or unauthorized users to the three return steam boiler solid fuel hot water boiler, the boiler water flow rate is extremely uneven, localized heating surface due to stagnation of the water vaporizes. 7, the inner pipe severe fouling or debris there, the destruction of the water cycle.

Gas-fired three return steam boiler solid fuel is special pressure equipment clearly defined our country, whether it is sales or production installation and operation, are subject to supervisory inspection and quality inspection departments, the purpose is to maintain the security of the boiler. Fast boiler boiler in terms of security, can be said to be the extreme, the boiler overall arrangement of more than 10 monitoring probes, through the improvement of the safety devices, monitoring the full range of boiler operating status.

What is a modern large-scale boilers, industrial boilers and what is the difference between: industrial boilers and power plant boiler structures have their own characteristics. Higher boiler power plant parameters, the structure is more complicated, suspension structure, membrane wall rarely used in industrial boilers, utility boilers, but in a wide range of applications. With the improvement of the working pressure, the vaporization heat boiler to reduce the proportion, increase heat absorption overheating. Utility boilers have been arranged in the furnace wall to meet the requirements of the evaporator heating surface, so that no longer as industrial boilers, evaporation convection bank is often necessary, even more superheater is disposed, and even part of the superheated heating surfaces are arranged in the furnace . Large capacity and high parameter boiler reheater is also arranged.

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