Steam Boiler Hot Water Boiler From China

Steam Boiler Hot Water Boiler From China

Then, using a gas-fired boiler, give users what good is it?

First, clean environment

Our jewelry processing company in the automotive production, many processes require energy, to be honest we really a headache on the choice of the boiler, thanks met specializes in the research and production of fast square boiler boiler! The purchase of two Taipower steam boiler hot water boiler from china, tangible help us save a lot of costs. --customer feedback

Boiler circulating manner by which and before the start of Sheung Shui requirements: the boiler, if it is by water or steam cycle power to points, then, is what specific kind there? In addition, before the boiler starts Sheung Shui, Sheung Shui on time and temperature, what are the requirements? And why have these requirements? Ask these questions, its main purpose is to be completely resolved, so the following immediately to it, to save time and improve everyone's learning efficiency. 1. boiler, if it is by water or steam cycle power to points, then, is what specific kind there? Boiler, if it is by water or steam cycle power to points, then, that there are two natural circulation boilers and forced circulation boiler.

Gas-fired boiler medium test and cold cycle (1) the heat carrier used in the organic heat carrier furnace must be qualified and the operating temperature must be consistent with the heating conditions. The outlet temperature of boiler is at least 30 ℃ lower than that of heat carrier and 40 ℃ lower than that of heat carrier, otherwise it will decompose and fail in advance. (2) Oil loading: the injection pump of the qualified heat carrier for testing shall be injected into the boiler and, when the oil injection pump is injected into the system, the valves of all heating systems in the furnace body shall be re-checked and the sewage valve shall be opened one by one to remove the air until the oil flow is closed, Stop oil injection and start circulating pump when high expansion tank level meter appears. Cold oil circulation. (3) Cold oil cycle: the purpose of the cold oil cycle is to test whether there is resistance in the whole heating system and whether there is leakage in the valve of the equipment. Each pump must be wheeled to start cold oil circulating in the system for no less than 6 hours. (4) cleaning filter: some metal and impurity deposits in the system in the cold oil cycle are shut down with the cold oil in front of the oil pump, and the filter is thoroughly cleaned after the cold cycle is finished. When the organic heat carrier is used, the outlet temperature of the carrier is lower than the maximum operating temperature of 20 ℃ and 40 ℃ provided by the manufacture, and the adjustment index is the main one. Close to the outlet temperature, when the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet decreases, the combustion should be reduced accordingly. Combustion should be intensified when the return temperature is reduced. Never blindly raise the outlet temperature to increase the heat supply. When the outlet temperature overheating instrument alarm, the furnace should be shut down in time to clean.

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