Steam Boiler For Textiler Industrial

Steam Boiler For Textiler Industrial

Diqing in Yunnan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in Pulang copper mining, site selection, sales and other items. As we all know, in the copper smelting process, it consumes a lot of electricity and thermal power resources, which account for most of the hot water consumption. Combined with the actual demand Diqing company, to provide fast Boiler 1 stage electric heating hot water boiler of 2.1MW.

The need to clean up the scale there is little that the boiler is to make long-term stable operation down.

Scale thermal conductivity of only one percent of the steel, once the heating surface fouling, so that the heat transfer will be impeded, during use in order to maintain a constant output of the boiler, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the fire side. The outlet temperature of the furnace gas steam boiler is increased during the process, so that it will lose gas steam boiler is increased, so that effective heat transfer will reduce the equipment fouling in the water wall, so it is very likely It can cause water wall tube wall temperature increases lead to burst pipes water wall.

Low nitrogen gas boiler several measures to reduce nitrogen oxides

Low nitrogen gas boiler popular in recent years, the main reason comes from the increasingly strict air pollutant emission measures and the growing requirements of our high standard of living.

Steam boiler can output high-temperature steam, and have sufficient heat energy conversion effects in many fields are playing an important role. We took a few more frequent use of steam boiler for textiler industrials to the industry, for example, look at your business or need to use steam boilers.

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