Size Of Industrial Boilers

Size Of Industrial Boilers

Dairy production and processing sectors, need a lot of steam on food drying, sterilization, stereotypes, such as processing, steam size of industrial boilers essential. Xinjiang Ake Su Xinnong Dairy Co., Ltd. as a local brand, has a large market users. 2016, Akzo increased demand for dairy production, the original steam boiler company can not meet today's production needs. In the same year, Akzo dairy cooperation with our company, signed a series SZS 6 tons of steam pipe steam boilers, steam support for the dairy industry dairy production Aksu.

Saturated steam and superheated steam is generated by the difference between the vapor of the heated water vapor. Steam is an excellent heat medium, steam can carry heat is 5-6 times that of water, it is widely used in various steam heating and disinfection applications. Steam is divided into two kinds: saturated steam and superheated steam. A saturated vapor saturated steam is steam that we can directly heat the water obtained. Saturated steam temperature and pressure, the density is one to one, one atmosphere steam temperature is 100 ℃. If higher steam temperature, steam pressure as long as the increase of the line. Second, the steam is superheated steam superheated steam generated saturated steam reheating basis. When water is present, the superheated steam is not generated, since water will absorb heat to produce more steam. Superheated steam to be generated by the secondary heating saturated steam. Temperature and pressure of the superheated steam is not corresponding. Third, the application of saturated steam and superheated steam of our daily production and industrial use are generally to steam saturated steam. Because the steam size of industrial boilers can produce saturated steam, superheated steam is generated if required, then steam generated in a steam boiler needs to be reheated again to produce superheated steam.

As gas condensation size of industrial boilers technology, the water vapor into liquid in the process, many of latent heat is absorbed and re-heated. Resulting in a recyclable and energy saving effect is sustained. Gas boiler is reached by the combustion of natural gas needs of the user, natural gas is the most efficient energy assignable transmission process without polluting the environment, the most controllable form of energy. Gas boilers can be said that respect for nature, the pursuit of health, the pursuit of a comfortable life at the same time, pay attention to environmental protection, conservation of resources and energy, to achieve sustainable consumption.

Why does the sales of condensing size of industrial boilerss increase year by year?

Under the influence of the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection, modern people prefer condensing boilers when they purchase products such as heating. Relevant statistics confirm that the sales volume of condensing boilers has been increasing year by year during the years of development and development of condensing boilers. So why does the full range of condensing boiler sales rise year by year? The author will analyze the reasons for the rising sales of condensing boilers below.

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