Palm Kernel Shell Steam Boiler In Russia

Palm Kernel Shell Steam Boiler In Russia

How to use diesel palm kernel shell steam boiler in russia can reduce the operating costs of diesel fuel consumption steam boiler is one of the issues currently a lot of oil-fired boiler customers attention, because as a clean energy boiler, light diesel fuel type steam boiler is the most widely used oil fuel. Although the new methanol fuel is also very environmentally friendly, but more applications based on the accumulation of diesel fuel, so more optimistic about diesel customers, in addition, the price of light diesel oil is indeed cheaper than some of the methanol fuel, will eventually reduce the operating costs of the oil-fired boiler . So a diesel steam boiler steam per tonne of how much diesel needs to consume it? Fuel consumption per hour of fuel steam boiler heating power = 3600 * / diesel calorific value / boiler efficiency. If it is, then burn diesel fuel consumption per hour was approximately 132kg. Can tell you is that one ton of diesel steam boiler produces steam tons per hour of steam 1, then 1 ton of diesel fuel boilers in about 70 liters. However, how much the results of the fuel consumption of two tons per hour of steam boilers and diesel not simply come 140 l, but is to be determined according to the specific application and design of the boiler thermal efficiency. In general, the higher the thermal efficiency of the design, the smaller boiler fuel consumption. Furnace inspection to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.

Advanced equipment for Desulfurization and Dust removal of Steam Boiler and its principle Analysis

The exhaust dust concentration of various combustion structures in small and medium-sized boilers is far higher than the maximum allowable smoke concentration specified in domestic standards. Therefore, in addition to correctly selecting the combustion structure and improving the operating level, Coal-fired boilers must also be equipped with dust removal equipment at the rear of the boiler, and dust particles in the flue gas must be collected and then discharged into the atmosphere.

At present, small coal-fired boilers are gradually replaced by clean energy boilers such as gas boilers and biomass-formed fuel boilers, and the operating efficiency of gas-fired boilers is higher because gas-fired boilers burn quickly, generating large amounts of power then coal-fired boilers. It is 20% more efficient and emits less pollutants, which is more beneficial to maintain the environment. Improving the thermal efficiency of gas boilers and making gas boilers more economical is the goal pursued by the boiler industry. The following are several ways to improve the thermal efficiency of gas boilers:

1. The design of the boiler should be reasonable, and the unreasonable boiler structure will cause waste of heat or allow the heat to be consumed in the middle of the cycle.

2. The pipeline connection of the boiler should be checked frequently. If there is any leak, stop the furnace immediately to prevent the occurrence of air leakage.

3. The gas boiler can also play a role in heat recovery, collecting the recycled hot water and reusing it, which is a method to improve the combustion efficiency of the boiler.

To effectively and efficiently solve air quality problems, further improve people's quality of ambient air, Luliang city government issued the "Luliang city and surrounding tackling air pollution control action plan."

Luliang within the range of 1300 square kilometers around the city, "an area three counties' area under the jurisdiction of section: Lishi District, Riverside street nine township (town, street) a total of 54 villages; Luo Zhongyang County town of 12 gold villages; Liulin County, Lee Wan total of four villages; Fangshan County Dawu town a total of 11 villages.

1, the effective promotion of clean heating. Implementation of the "Clean Luliang city in northern winter heating pilot cities embodiments (2018-2020 years)" to determine the progress of the task, 2018-2019 before the end of September totaled clean heating transformation of rural areas 90000 (including within the scope of "no coal zone" rural households), where: Lishi District, 20000, 15000 Fangshan County, Zhongyang County 15000, 40000 Liulin County.

2, bulk coal coal strengthen supervision. Downtown "ban on coal zone" expanded to 88 square kilometers, the Willows, in the sun "and ban on coal zone" for the county built-up areas and the surrounding area 5 km, Fang Shan range "ban on coal zone" for the built-up area region, 2019 August 31, coal stoves and coal "double clear" within the scope of "no coal zone" implementation. "No coal zone" outside the prohibited than 1% sulfur, 16% ash content than coal for civilian. Determine civil bulk coal sales to crack down on low-quality coal sales practices.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of the boiler. 2019 August 31, all workers in the region (companies) industry, commerce, services, basic administrative units out of 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers, combustion zone ban (ban on coal zone) all residents within the range, all the villagers self-built coal-fired boilers out of the cell. Not "ban on coal zone" to be able to ensure clean winter heating, self-built coal-fired boilers shall be eliminated; it is difficult to ensure clean winter heating, self-built coal-fired boilers Always use clean coal substitute. And more than 65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers to complete the transformation of energy-saving and ultra-low emissions, low nitrogen gas boiler basically completed the transformation, to achieve ultra-low emissions coal-fired power plants. 35-65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and more particularly to achieve stable discharge standards; co-firing biomass boilers ban coal and other fuels, efficient dust bags and other ancillary facilities. Non-alcohol-based fuels to burn in the name of blended chemical waste.

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