Low Pressure Boilers

Low Pressure Boilers

Steam low pressure boilers can learn more about the problem by what? In a steam boiler, it uses induced draft fan, if the model is Y5-47-4, then, what the specific meaning? Steam boiler condensate tank, you can play what role? And, on steam boilers, as well as what issues were not resolved? Raised above problems, and its main purpose is to be successfully resolved, thus, increase the level of understanding of people know this kind of boiler steam boiler. 1. Steam Boiler Fan model Y5-47-4, indicates what? Steam Boiler Fan model, the model is Y5-47-4, then you can know is: Y is a fan guide, and if G, is for the blower. Figures 5, refers to the pressure coefficient, which illustrate a pressure fan. 47, it refers to the ratio of the fan speed. 4 later, it indicates that the fan impeller diameter of 4 centimeters.

Use steam low pressure boilers safety valve which need attention when buying the boiler configuration has a safety valve, safety valve is divided into several, common industrial boiler safety valve hammer safety valve and two spring-loaded safety valve species, supporting the factory boiler safety valve is not corrected, the user needs to the local pot seized by the correction, corrected according to the boiler pressure (for example, you buy enough pressure steam boiler is pressure then you 10 1.25 school on it) in the process of boiler used in each week to see the safety valve timing test, to test whether the exhaust valve, if infrequent detection can lead to rust safety valve which can not work properly. The above information is a brief summary of Taikang County Hengyu thermal Equipment Co., Ltd. Cautions on the safety valve, if there are any deficiencies in the hope that we put forward in a timely manner.

Fang faster work on clean fuel low pressure boilerss more than twenty years, whether it is research and development or manufacturing fields have achieved remarkable results. The launch of the "Euromonitor 5" series boilers, the company's new low-nitrogen boiler, using advanced FGR combustion technology, nitrogen oxide emissions below 30mg / m3, our first-tier cities can be used normally. Remote monitoring system is to attract the attention of the participants. Jumping curve data, real-time display operating status boiler; detailed data analysis and fault early warning program, Fang fast "black technology", making the boiler to get rid of "silly Big Ben rough" image and become intelligent high-tech incarnation.

Factor 2, the condensing low pressure boilers, which has been developed for several years, has been very diversified in type and brand, and there are some differences between different types of boiler in shape structure and internal design mode. Therefore, different design methods will affect the service life of condensing boilers to a certain extent, not only in the later stage of operation, users may also affect the service life of boilers.

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