Long Burning Solid Fuel Boiler

Long Burning Solid Fuel Boiler

Second, the maintenance and repair of condensing long burning solid fuel boilers. On some level, maintenance and repair condensing boiler can directly determine the useful life of stability and performance of the device. Condensing boiler shut down at any time, there are stringent performance standards, after a period of time before stopping power, but also for regular abnormal exclude dirt between the comprehensive clean-up and the line, once the line is damaged or loose parts should be timely make protective measures in accordance with the instructions in order to avoid late cause more accidents.

Gas long burning solid fuel boiler cleaning has obvious environmental qualities, at this stage of use coverage is very broad. We found that, once the clean-up work is not in place, resulting in the boiler thermal effects will greatly reduce the accumulation of scale. Under this situation in order to ensure adequate heating capacity then only continue to raise the temperature of the fire, which is increase fuel consumption resulting in a waste of resources.

The temperature difference between the upper and lower walls of gas-fired long burning solid fuel boiler will cause certain damage to the boiler body, which will cause the compression stress on the upper wall of the boiler and the tensile stress on the lower wall. When the stress reaches a certain extent, the gas-fired boiler can be damaged or even cracked. Why would there be a difference in temperature? That is because there will be a certain degree of difference in temperature between the upper and lower walls of the drum in the initial stage of ignition of the gas-fired boiler, which is due to the low temperature of the metal steam on the wall of the boiler at the initial stage of heating up, and the condensation and heat release of the steam on the wall of the drum. The contact heat between the lower wall of the drum and the water also occurs, but the exothermic coefficient of steam condensation is higher than that of water. Larger, more heat absorption on the upper wall of the drum, so the upper arm temperature of the gas-fired boiler is much faster than the lower wall. This requires us to pay attention to some operation items in the operation of gas-fired boiler, so as to avoid the damage of gas-fired boiler and ensure the normal operation of gas-fired boiler.

In the winter season, Fushun City, the town of Dongzhou District hada Liaoning Province, this ancient village is undergoing a transformation heating, core change is the use of "provinces" biomass long burning solid fuel boiler.

Yao is the inventor in "provinces" biomass boiler. He said, "provinces" boiler, that is, to save money, labor, and material. Combustion and conventional combustion boiler essentially different, are in the normal combustion surface of the fuel from the outside and inside, top-down combustion, using a strong wind, or take pulverized fuel, and other physical and chemical techniques, cause the fuel in the shortest rapid combustion of the time. "Provinces" boiler contrary, starting from the bottom of the combustion of solid fuels, from the bottom up, a minimum amount of intake air by controlling the slow combustion. In 2013, the innovative energy-saving combustion technology obtained national patent, and Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, experts Tsinghua University, Tianjin University and Harbin Institute of Technology as "domestic initiative, the leading domestic" and suggested in our rural north conduct a comprehensive promotion.

Yao said in the last year, Dongzhou District not only invest in the construction of "provinces" biomass boilers, but also the laying of underground pipe network 3500 meters, central heating ancient village 30 farmers.

We understand that in 2016, Fushun City, has more than 600 households will be "provinces" boiler for the production and life. 2018, Fushun City, the ancient village of straw as a pilot village central heating, promoting the use of "provinces" boiler.

"With the gradual popularization of rural straw central heating, greenhouses can pick Heating, sustained economic heating greenhouses; straw waste form the commercial mode of operation into treasure, straw harvesting, transportation, storage, processing, a new farmers' income channels; the sky bluer, the water clearer, more green mountains, beautiful environment will inevitably become a new growth point of the rural economy but to embark on a modern intensive production, road projects of market-oriented operation, there is still a way to go. . "in Yao she said.

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