Life Hot Water Boiler For Sale

Life Hot Water Boiler For Sale

Boiler operation common accident which 1) boiler water boiler severe water shortages will cause pressure components deformation and damage, explosion or even furnace tube, if not handled properly boiler explosion may occur when the boiler water found water should be prohibited, and to take urgent measures to shutdown. most causes of the accident with water boiler operators and misuse related to lax paralysis, or the water table due to the non-clogging rinse measures related failures. (2) Priming Teng priming features are: water table level volatility, boiler water foaming, with a large amount of water steam, the steam temperature is lowered, a serious impact occurs in the water conduit is the main reason for this situation: poor water quality, salt is too high or too fast increasing boiler load and the like. priming found necessary to strengthen and increase the continuous sewage water treatment. (3) boiler overpressure. overpressure boiler operation, ranging element is deformed, damaged at side continued ; severe cases can cause an explosion accident occurred mainly due to boiler overpressure is: fireman who blindly increase the working pressure or trespassing caused from work sometimes, due to the pressure gauge and relief valve malfunction at the same time also. Boiler overpressure caused. Therefore, we must strengthen fireman personal responsibility and safety inspections of the attachments. (4) blast furnace tube when the tube blast furnace, a significant explosions, the sound of jet steam, while the water level and steam pressure was significantly the decline where they are found, action must be taken to an emergency shutdown general reason for this situation is: poor water quality caused by the furnace tube fouling or corrosion; water and burst pipes may also reinforce each other; in addition, because of the design defects, lack of material strength and poor weld quality, are likely to cause tube rupture.

Energy-saving boiler steam boiler is one of many products, when used in strict accordance with standard operating procedures to avoid unnecessary loss of life of the boiler and fuel incomplete combustion of waste and pollution. When the boiler room is equipped with a number of boilers, the highest principle of allocation shall be the total efficiency of the boiler load per unit distribution.

First of all, we must be clear what the phenomenon boiler when full of water failure. 1, the water level is not visible or not, a high level alarm; 2, steam temperature decreases, main steam isolation valves and the turbine inlet valves visible white steam; 3, turbine or steam pipe occurs water impact; 4, water flow is not normal is greater than steam flow. Causes gas boiler filled with water following points. 1, water supply is automatically jump manually, resulting in abnormal increase of water supply; 2, or drum set on the safety valve steam header, resulting in up water or with water; 3, more evaporation boiler overload occurred priming.

In early 2019, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, air pollution control for industrial enterprises, to develop the relevant regulations. Mainly for the protection and improvement of the atmospheric environment, prevention of air pollution and protect public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote the development of sustainable economic and social development goals.

First, according to the national industrial policy, Hebei Province, strict control of new construction, renovation, expansion of iron and steel, cement, plate glass, synthetic chemical pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metal smelting, building ceramics, chemicals and other industrial projects.

Iron and steel, cement, plate glass, synthetic chemical pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metal smelting, building ceramics, chemicals and other key industries cleaner production audits in accordance with law, the use of advanced clean production technologies, processes and equipment.

Urban area, high above emissions in key industries around the ecological red line in the control area, high-pollution projects should be gradual relocation, renovation or restructuring, exit.

Air pollution insurance companies encourage heavy environmental pollution liability insurance.

Second, the city and county (city, district) people's government may take their overall economic efficiency sorting, etc., specific measures for serious overcapacity in the industry, the atmosphere of heavily polluting enterprises, the differential credit, the difference is the price of water, different gas prices, punitive tariffs, etc. .

Third, the industrial concentration area should develop cogeneration and district heating, heat unified solution. In addition to centralized district heating and combined heat and power, waste incineration and biomass power generation project, the city's ban on new or expanded high-polluting fuel for power plants, ban high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on new construction, expansion-owned high-polluting fuel boiler heat supporting units supply station.

Boiler for industrial production should reach atmospheric pollutant emission standards set by the State and the boiler Hebei and marked fuel requirements and atmospheric pollutant emission control targets.

Fourth, industrial enterprises store coal, cement, lime, sand and other materials easy to produce pollution should take sealed enclosure, cover, cleaning, watering and other measures to prevent dust pollution.

Fifth, iron and steel, petroleum, nonferrous metals, electric power, coke, construction materials, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial enterprises in the production process emissions of dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfides, shall adopt cleaner production processes, supporting the construction dust removal, desulfurization, denitration apparatus, or take other measures to control the emission of air pollutants like transformation.

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