Industrial Andmercial Steam Boiler

Industrial Andmercial Steam Boiler

I can not live without hot water boiler hot water boiler believe everyone is familiar with, because every time winter comes we will go to the beach to take a bath, so it reflects the significant value of hot water boiler, which provides us with a lot of heat water. However, the role of hot water boiler More than that, it can continue to maintain the temperature of the hot water can also be used as a solution to a major problem of drinking water units. Hot water boiler in our daily lives is indispensable, if the lack of hot water boiler life, then many things will not be completed, such as winter between large bath, as well as canteen tea, so we would like to thank such a great of the invention to facilitate our lives and bring joy.

Gas hot water boiler is powered by the gas hot water boiler circulating pump during operation is a thermal device, which utilizes the heat generated by the fuel releases heat to heat water in the vessel, the desired temperature of the water (hot water). It consists of a boiler body parts and accessories. Meanwhile in a pot boiler and furnace. After the raw water into the boiler, the boiler heating surfaces of heat absorbed by the heat transferred to the water, the water is heated to a temperature, heat is generated for the user. Continuous fuel combustion burner continue to release heat, high temperature flue gas generated by the combustion heat can be transferred by heat to the heating surface of the boiler, the temperature is gradually lowered itself, through the chimney. Work pot and stove together, a endothermic, exothermic, is a perfect fit closely linked and essential to complete installation. Gas hot water boiler during operation powered by a circulation pump. Continuously circulating water, heat is absorbed continuously transferred to the heated surface of the raw water, sufficient cooling of the heating surface, heating the water to accelerate the foot, ensuring a boiler the heated surface at high temperatures is safe. jobs. In order to ensure the quality and safety of the boiler, it is necessary to choose an ordinary gas hot water boiler production by manufacturers of boilers, quality assurance, guarantee service. Gas hot water boiler through a hot water circulation pump circulating hot water tank insulation, repeated heating hot water tank, the purpose of the bath; hot water heated by the hot water circulation pipe circulating pump, a radiator through the radiator (heat sink ) reaching the heating requirements. Gas hot water boiler and hot water circulation pump and heat exchanger together to achieve the dual function of heating and bathing. In the natural circulation hot water boiler, the water inlet and outlet from the drum is connected to the tube, the inlet distribution tube inlet water guided to the front side of the lower header, and heating by raising inlet water wall tubes. On the front and rear ends of the drum at the boundary between the descending and ascending flow is provided with retaining plate and the barrier flap only the lower half of the cross section of the drum. For the forced circulation, the water inlet header connected to the lower front end, the front wall of the water rose above the drum (when the current drops water wall tubes canceled), then transferred to the tube side to the lower side of a lower wall of the water manifold, and then to the side . Waterwall tubes rises to the drum, and the front convection tube down to the lower drum. Several process returns between the upper and lower drums to the rear end of the discharge water from the drum.

Second, the use of hot water heating

1, hot water heating can save 20-40% of the fuel, because it does not have a secondary condensate and evaporation losses.

2, small heat loss hot heating pipes, heating pipes steam steam leakage losses. Steam hot water boiler needs continuous and regular sewage, while only a small amount of hot water boiler blowdown regularly.

3, hot water heating according to the temperature change of outdoor environment, the flexibility to adjust the water quality, but also meet the requirements not only saves fuel heating quality assurance. The disadvantage is that hot water heating pipe network outside investment than steam heating should be large, especially when the temperature difference between the supply and return of less is more significant. Heating hot water circulating pump capacity, power consumption and more, increased operating costs.

Recently, market supervision bureau issued the Notice on Strengthening the National Energy Board within the scope of the power station boiler piping material quality safety risk prevention and control (the "Notice"), to further enhance the quality and safety supervision and management of boiler tubes, effectively preventing security risks, protect the power production safety , as follows.

First, carry out the verification of boiler tubes

The electricity business, special equipment manufacturers to immediately organize boiler tube inspections, to verify whether the focus of the pipe to meet the technical conditions stipulated orders, including the source, size, quantity, quality certificates, raw material procurement contracts, procurement contracts and other piping components. For imported pipe material, but also the verification of the customs declaration, commodity inspection report (proof of entry inspection and quarantine of goods), combined with the production, inspection and testing during use and operation of the situation, in-depth investigation pipe quality boiler safety issues and risks.

Second, effectively prevent security risks

Boiler pipe quality and safety hazards or other problems threatening the security and stability of power station boilers, power companies, special equipment manufacturers to take practical measures immediately, the complete elimination of quality and safety problems; there are significant quality and safety problems, it should stop running generator sets , boiler or stop production and sales of the pipe elements, and replace the boiler pipe complying with relevant standards.

The actual boiler pipe manufacturing unit is unknown or if there are doubts, the relevant information or data can not be traced authenticity, power enterprises, special equipment manufacturers to immediately in accordance with industry standards, inspection and testing institutions have entrusted the appropriate qualifications for boiler tubes were identified test. Test results show that failed boiler or pipe quality does not meet the technical requirements stipulated in the order, power companies, special equipment manufacturers to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner or be replaced.

Third, strengthen the source of control boiler pipe

Special equipment manufacturing enterprises, power enterprises should strengthen boiler pipe source control, in strict accordance with the standard provisions of China's relevant laws and regulations and orders technical conditions agreed to carry out boiler pipe design and manufacturing, procurement orders, admission acceptance, inspection and testing, installation and commissioning work, resolutely eliminate substandard or counterfeit boiler pipes enter the field of electricity production; to strictly implement the special equipment safety supervision and management regulations, establish and improve the technical archives and long-term care, to ensure that relevant information can be traced back.

Special equipment manufacturing enterprises, power companies are finding there are significant quality and safety risks of boiler tubes, to report to the local market regulators, power management departments and the National Energy Board sent energy regulators, and to take effective measures to thoroughly rectification to ensure the safe operation of generators . Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Market Authority (Hall Commission) should work together with the same level of power management departments, the National Energy Bureau sent energy regulatory agencies and other units, the organization of supervision and inspection, supervision and hidden rectification, effectively preventing security risks.

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