Hot Water Boiler Manufacturer For School

Hot Water Boiler Manufacturer For School

Scale appears only after heat conductivity of less than 0.5% of the metal, the boiler fouling occurs, if the thermal efficiency to be achieved when there is no scale, can increase the temperature inside the boiler heating surface, for example: when the furnace wall temperature of 250 deg.] C, when generating the scaling 1mm, if you want to achieve the same thermal efficiency, we must increase the wall temperature 650 ℃, heat absorption rate is very low at this time, increased power consumption, fuel costs increase exponentially.

The onset of winter, is located in Jilin Province Dongliao has entered the heating season. Recently, the Market Authority early planning, meticulous planning, to increase the safety supervision of the winter heating boiler, ensure the safe operation of heating boilers, curb the occurrence of all kinds of accidents, to protect people's safety, warm through the winter.

Market Authority set up a special investigation and remediation work organization boilers, special equipment to carry out self-examination from the security situation boiler heating units used to implement the main responsibility for the use of special equipment unit; simultaneous information collection boiler safety hazards, analyzing, improving risk control mechanism, proper risk monitoring, early warning and disposal of systematic risks and hazards should be reported promptly and truthfully; submit the initiative "special equipment unit security risk self-examination and self-change information tables to special equipment safety supervision organs ", and accept the supervision and inspection of the market, ensure that the boiler control risks effectively.

As of now, the council inspected the heating boiler unit 13, heating boilers and other special equipment to check 18 times, investigation and security risks 3 onwards, has been completely removed. The bureau said the next phase will further increase the safety and inspection of heating boilers, heating boiler unit supervise the implementation of the safety requirements, ensure that the heating boiler and other special equipment safe and stable operation. While strengthening the duty to timely and properly handle emergencies, a comprehensive good winter heating special equipment emergency security work.

Gas heating boiler operation and management system to resolve the gas heating boiler heating system will be relatively complex, requiring a strict management system to ensure safe heating boiler running smoothly in this process need to pay attention to the following points: 1. The quality of boiler water must to go through rigorous testing, sub-standard water to be softened to avoid scaling, corrosion and other boiler components after use, affecting the thermal efficiency and operational safety late boiler. 2. boiler and its auxiliary system is operating normally, if abnormal timely feedback process. 3. Ensure the indicators boiler water systems, safety accessories and other normal and flexible. 4. boiler operator rigorous specialized training and work and strict management system, be sure to do, patrol officers and operators keep alert, can not be insensitive. Inspection time designated times to be once per hour. Period of time to carry out maintenance and repair timely 5. boiler shutdown. To ensure that the boiler inside and outside the normal indicators, the device remains clean and orderly. 6. In addition, during each inspection of boiler operation, inspection, etc., must do text and data records to ensure that when the transfer of work to be a clear understanding of boiler operating conditions between the transfer of personnel. Of course, the normal norms of these will be far more complex, these are the general direction in which, in any case, to ensure safe operation, the safety of gas heating boiler, while maximizing operating results play a boiler, strict implementation of the operation and management system It is a necessary operation.

Maintenance and repair of steam boiler method every customer wants to buy a durable good steam boiler Di, we provide the best quality Di boiler manufacturers are on the one hand, on the other hand the needs of each user can carefully Di maintenance and maintenance of boilers, improve the life of the boiler to make steam, Di to bring you more value in return! So, how to care and maintain it, the editor based on years of experience, special summarized as follows: First, the first maintenance, water supply must be a qualified treatment, water temperature should fight with the furnace temperature close to, preferably above 20 ℃. Secondly, the need for regular low water cutoff apparatus for inspection, cleaning. Water Level Controller cleaned at least once a month, rinse water table at least once a day. Rinse water table should be at the highest level; but also for the sewage operation, at least once a day, after the sewage drain valve should be checked because of possible contamination and leaks; if it must be excluded. When there is no shutdown and the steam pressure, the steam space of the boiler and air entrapment generates a negative pressure, should rise again to the fire burning total steam valve is opened. Meanwhile, when the smoke tube fouling, so that the exhaust gas temperature will increase, thereby reducing the efficiency of the boiler, the fuel consumption increases, it should periodically open the front door, brushing or blow smoke tube fouling. Second, anti-corrosion First, after the shutdown, the pot to prevent corrosion, maintenance needs as soon as possible. If the short-term care, then, can be used wet regimen; i.e. after the shutdown, the water fill the furnace, the air discharge all. If the long-term maintenance, then the maintenance of law can be dry, that water off the furnace after shutdown, open the lower hand hole, dry water pot, and through the lower hand hole, put a drying agent, and should be changed regularly , can start a monthly check and replace; times can later be three months. It should be noted, before the boiler is enabled, be sure to remove all desiccant. Third, the first maintenance, boiler operation, every one hour to conduct an inspection apparatus, the focus operation member and the rotary boiler safety checking apparatus. Secondly, inspection, testing and regular operation of the project cycle, make specific provisions and loading site as an icon. Again, operating personnel records based on timely completion of the inspection. Finally, the site must be kept clean, so that no debris, no fouling, no water, no grease.

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