Hostel Natural Gas Vacuum Boiler

Hostel Natural Gas Vacuum Boiler

Vacuum hot water hostel vacuum boilers and pressure hot water boiler What a difference, security is now different professional vacuum hot water boiler with hot water boiler mainly negative pressure inside the boiler is fired hot water to achieve the purpose of rapid and constant temperature, At the same time vacuum hot water boiler can also be changed by the relevant structures of atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, comparison, and therefore security is particularly evident. But the nice hot water boiler pressure hot water boiler as long as the use of part ensure ventilation can, therefore pressure hot water boiler is particularly safe and reliable. Second, different heating hot water boiler efficiency due to less water volume in vacuo, and therefore less need for a water cycle times using a burner to heat, and pressure hot water boiler is turned on only once larger container will be able to achieve better burner good heating effect, the water boiler can be efficiently circulated in the water heat treatment, the thermal efficiency of the hot water boiler pressure hot water boiler higher compared to vacuum. Third, the complexity of the different equipment vacuum hot water boiler in order to ensure a degree of vacuum necessary to install a series of vacuum pumps and other infrastructure, while maintaining pressure hot water boiler without using a vacuum degree of control equipment, so there is no complex operations required control equipment personnel also more simple, the complexity of the boiler equipment also has a large advantage when used to meet the demand for more consumer groups.

Hot water hostel vacuum boiler tank size is defined determinants and small boilers: hot water boiler, which is a boiler, and, for common and common species, therefore, be familiar with and understand it, is necessary, because in practical work may encounter and use this kind of boiler, therefore, we will have the need to know. And here are some specific issues to expand through this work. In this way, we are also capable of deriving some expertise, rather than nothing. 1. The hot water boiler tank, its size is determined by what? Hot water boiler tank, which should refer to the boiler tank with the water pipe network, rather than directly to the boiler water tank is mainly used to store oxygen or demineralized water. The tank capacity is determined by the size of the fill water of the hot water boiler. In the design of the boiler, is generally calculated according to the cycle of water 3% -5% of the fill water boiler system. 2. The need to gauge pressure hot water boiler in? In addition, vacuum gas boiler, hot water boiler which is it? Pressure hot water boiler, which is a hot water boiler, which boiler the host, there is communication with the atmosphere of the conduit, so that the boiler remains at normal pressure. So, this kind of boiler, does not require installation of a pressure gauge. And vacuum gas boiler which are generally hot water boiler.

How much 700KW gas hot water hostel vacuum boiler a vacuum? How much 700KW gas hot water boiler of a vacuum? With the boiler market development, the application of vacuum hot water boiler is also more extensive, but many users this one is also not very in-depth understanding, the following small taping we do a simple understanding. What is vacuum gas hot water boiler? Boiler is in a state in normal operation, its interior lower than the external atmospheric pressure, and cold water is heated by way of phase change heat cold water. In general applications of vacuum gas hot water boiler, which is used in residential, hotels, hotels and some small and medium enterprises and institutions of the heating system. How much 700KW gas hot water boiler of a vacuum? Vacuum gas hot water boiler 700KW, upon conversion after synthesis about 1 ton, usually, when the internal vacuum hot water boiler industry to be divided, but also divided into ordinary, condensation, and low condensing nitrogen three kinds, because of the technology employed, and the process boilers, thermal efficiency, etc. are different, and therefore, even if the same 1 ton vacuum gas hot water boiler, its price will be different. But the three basic price of between 60,000 to 190,000, different prices, the price level of natural boiler is not the same. However, the low nitrogen vacuum condensing hot water boiler, either in a suitable thermal efficiency of the boiler in emissions of nitrogen oxide and matter are more objective, for-profit enterprise or institution concerned, in the latter part of the year can be saved operations 18-20 million for operating costs, and over time can also reach back to the results, so, Xiao Bian personally feel, if long-term interest in a comprehensive evaluation, then choose low nitrogen vacuum condensing gas hot water boiler in the long-term significance It is more cost effective.

Recently, Jinan City issued a "supplementary notice on accelerating the city's hostel vacuum boiler-depth treatment of work-related" and formulated the following objectives.

I, on the in-depth treatment of boiler completion time. Low Nitrogen transformation and the transformation of the city's ultra-low emission gas-fired boiler biomass boiler to complete the appropriate time to relax, and strive to be completed in the end of June 2019, due to the commitment of heating (cooling) or involving people's livelihood and other support complex transformation process of the boiler furnace, indeed practical difficulties, completion time may be extended to the end of October 2019.

Second, on the in-depth treatment boiler standards. According to the "program tackling autumn and winter", the low nitrogen gas boiler after transformation, in principle, is not higher than the concentration of nitrogen oxides emissions of 50mg / m³, according to encourage the transformation of 30mg / m³. Encourage the transformation of biomass boiler with ultra low emissions coal-fired power plants.

Third, on the time-depth treatment of boiler arrangement. 2018 10 completed before the end inventory information verification, planning work; organize the implementation of the completion of the work before the end of May 2019; the end of June 2019 to complete the inspection work (due to heating and other disabled do not have to bear the acceptance conditions, available at the end of November 2019 before the completion of acceptance).

Fourth, on the information submitted to the work. Please ring the economy Zi [2018] No. 175 document complements the "Jinan City gas boiler investigation Summary Sheet" on or before October 12, "Jinan biomass boiler investigation Summary Table" to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. On or before October 26, the "Jinan City Boiler depth management plan summary table", "Jinan hole sampling and sampling platform standardization construction unit summary table" and has completed the in-depth treatment of the boiler reconstruction proved supervisory monitoring report submitted to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau . Since the beginning of November, every Friday morning before 10:00 (for the first time submitted November 2) the progress of reform in-depth treatment of each unit case to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

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