Horizontal Oilgas Burning Boiler

Horizontal Oilgas Burning Boiler

What works szs horizontal oilburning boiler steam boiler SZS series D type arrangement, with the burner inlet and advanced automatic computer control system PLC, automatic continuous water, programmed ignition temperature control proportional control, flame protection, various alarm, chain protection, automation graphical user interface, large screen keyboard operation. At home and abroad advanced technology and practical experience on the basis of their own design and manufacture of large-scale water-tube boilers. The company designed the optional imported burner and burner under the premise to ensure the same level of automation, the price has more advantages. SZS series steam boiler Features: 1, considering the characteristics of the design process flue gas flow, the steam / water cycle, the state of the flue gas flow, said flue gas flushing heating surface forms a number of parameters, the flue gas pressure loss device. To reduce heat transfer efficiency and safety, to optimize radiation heating area, and a heat recovery heat convection surface design size and material selection. 2, the insulation effect than conventional refractory concrete / bricks, greatly reducing the overall weight of the furnace. 3, in order to improve the stability and life of the boiler, and a drum using a unique membrane wall design and technology, to effectively compensate for thermal expansion and contraction of the boiler. 4, a continuous wall structure, a slight positive pressure side of the boiler flue gas to achieve full closing operation, to reduce leakage losses, ventilation is not installed. 5, the boiler water level settings, pressure display, the exhaust gas temperature, the size of furnace pressure, gas leakage, abnormal atmospheric pressure, there is provided auxiliary multiple abnormal operation interlock protection.

4 tons of heating horizontal oilburning boilers present price how much heating boilers mainly to use hot water. So now a lot of pressure hot water boiler heating boilers are generally as large tonnage of heating boilers are local heating enterprises used. Therefore, the heating unit for the procurement of boilers is more cautious. That, after all, belong to the expenditure of government finances. Therefore, many of the companies in the procurement of heating boilers must go through many aspects of comparison. Recently, there is a fast boiler heating companies to consult, he is a local heating companies, primarily responsible for the district heating. Want to purchase a heating boiler, but for specific models and prices not very understanding. Fast boiler technician for detailed information of the company after understanding the accounting data to show that the company with a 4 tons to meet the heating boiler is, the current price of this model is about 500 000 . In this regard, the company's procurement staff for the price of 4 tons of heating boilers already have a general understanding.

How to select condensing horizontal oilburning boiler factory?

With the increasingly broad application of condensing boilers, its technical level, energy conservation, environmental protection advantages are increasingly prominent, users in order to increase the efficiency of enterprises and better energy conservation, effectively reduce emissions, But many enterprises do not know how to choose condensing boiler manufacturers. In order to better ensure boiler quality, users need to select manufacturers from the following aspects of comprehensive evaluation:

1. When selecting the condensing boiler manufacturer, users should first know the technical situation of the manufacturer, and see if the boiler has advanced domestic production technology, such as whether the frequency conversion combustion technology is used to fully burn the combustion material. Whether the boiler is ultra-low carbon fully premixed combustion technology to improve combustion efficiency, whether the boiler uses high-efficiency full condensation heat transfer technology to improve the efficiency, and so on, only the boiler manufacturers with advanced technology, can produce ultra-high cost-effective, Products of good quality and performance.

2. The size of R & D team and the level of R & D directly affect the development of condensing boiler manufacturers, so users should first have a strong R & D team when choosing condensing boiler manufacturers. In addition, powerful manufacturers will be equipped with a sound R & D team mechanism, from R & D production, testing and installation to later debugging and other specialized personnel to complete the work. Users can learn about the R & D team level and team mechanism of the factory through online survey or on-the-spot study.

3. Condensing boiler manufacturers with good service systems usually provide perfect services, and this is also a point that users need to pay attention to when selecting manufacturers, that is, users from planning to purchase equipment to consult manufacturers about equipment questions such as condensing boilers of what specifications are used. How to install, the manufacturer will arrange professional pre-sales specialist and user docking, when the information is finished, customer service personnel will recommend the appropriate type of equipment according to the needs of the user. After the completion of the sales, if the user has questions about the product or failure, you can contact the manufacturer customer service department in time.

August 10, 2018, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the working pot), the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee of Professional Committee of horizontal oilburning boiler energy conservation (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) was held in Chengdu, organizational GB / T16508 "shell boilers" revision of the second meeting of the reported revision of the second meeting, the main author of this standard, pot capacity standard Committee appointed sub-standard boiler, the special committee secretariat a total of 10 experts attended the meeting.

Organized by the Shanghai Institute of Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, committee chairman Wang Shanwu chair. He said the main author of the unit where the standard of support GB / T16508 standard revision of thanks and hope the standard revision process experts complement each other, support each other, the GB / T16508 benchmark revision as the boiler industry standardization work seriously treat, carefully modified. Amended in accordance with the basic principles of the first meeting to determine, in addition to technical support for the "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (referred to as "Boiler Rules"), but also take into account the needs of industrial boiler manufacturing enterprises, between consideration and GB / T16507 harmonization. At the same time listen to opinions, to further enrich the standard revision work force, give full play to industry leading products representative firm.

Yung pot boiler Technical Committee Standards Committee Secretary-General Zhang Rui introduced GB / T16507.1 "The first part of the water-tube boilers: General" and GB / T16507.2 "The second part of the water-tube boilers: material" revised draft of the general framework and main content.

Money Fenghua special committee Secretary-General reported on the GB / T16508 since revised "shell boilers" start, the main author of each criterion according to the revised terms of reference and requirements, the completion of the GB / T16508-2013 "shell boilers" since the implementation of the views of summary each sub-standard and contrast "boiler rules" (issued), the sub-standard job descriptions revised terms.

GB / T16508 the sub-standard main author of this according to the relevant sub-standard content and "Boiler Rules" (draft for approval) comparing the results of the relevant sub-standard and harmonized need to modify the content of the standard version 13 implementation of the existing problems and proposed amendments analyze and explain proposed amendments focus on the sub-standard and major amendments envisaged.

Experts on key issues related to the sub-standard for the exchange and discussion to reach a consensus on major revisions of this standard and requirements.

Meeting according to GB / T16508 revision schedule requirements, arranged next phase of work, the following:

1. Revision of Standards fleshed out power to complete the Standards Working Group set up before the end of August;

2. Please carefully review the main author of each standard GB / T16508.1 ~ 16508.8 major amendments description, and recommend changes, submitted to the Shanghai International Industry pot special committee secretariat by August 25;

3.GB/T16508 the sub-standard main author collected the views, modify the preparation of the draft (draft) on the basis of the draft text, submitted to the Shanghai International Industry pot special committee secretariat on September 30.

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