Heat Resistant Gasket For Boilers

Heat Resistant Gasket For Boilers

Condensing steam heat resistantket for boilers is the use of high-efficiency flue gas condensing waste heat recovery device to absorb the sensible heat in the tail of the boiler and latent heat released by steam condensation in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

While its heating system can be used for long-distance transportation pump, heating large radius, however, the heat transfer coefficient and lower thermal efficiency. Low cost which adapt to a wide range of high temperature steam, heat transfer area of ​​the apparatus can be reduced, reducing the cost, but since the steam condensate recovery heat medium difficulty, can cause vaporization of some of the water avid waste. At the same time, even if there is condensate recovery, because the recycling process, and other magazines oxygen doping should the water, it will cause harm to the heat resistantket for boilers.

The Secretary-General Wang Group to a variety of innovative measures gave high praise, the use of multimedia technology exhibition virtual and digital technology to explain the esoteric heat resistantket for boilers technology, not only new forms but also improve viewing and exploration interest, indeed boiler technology showcase of a major undertaking; clean fuel test Center is the real installation run a variety of products, set energy efficiency testing, the burner test, strengthen research experiment of heat transfer, centralized control system as a whole, provide a true and reliable test data support for a variety of indicators, to promote gas-fired boiler development of the industry plays an important role.

(2) To complete the installation of the heat resistantket for boilers, repair and renovation, enterprises should first obtain credentials for the job in this regard, not blindly, to avoid problems.

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