Gas Diesel Fired Hot Water Boiler

Gas Diesel Fired Hot Water Boiler

At the end of 2017, China Guodian is located in Jiangxi Province Wanan Hydropower Plant After evaluating the situation, some of the steam boiler used to purchase much-needed daily work. Sales Manager fast boiler combined with the actual situation of the power plant for its recommendation 2 0.5 tons of electrically heated steam boilers.

What is the advantage of heating BoilerHeating boiler is a diesel fired hot water boiler which adopts hot water circulating pump circulating boiler and hot water in heating pipe to meet the heating requirement. This equipment is widely used in government organs, enterprises, factories, hospitals and schools. Hotels, hotels and other enterprises and institutions use. Heating boilers are also known as heating boilers, officially known as hot water boilers, belong to the boiler life range. What is a heating boiler? Heating boiler is a manual or microcomputer automatic control, the use of hot water circulation pump and heating pipe heating water to meet the heating requirements of hot water boilers, this equipment is widely used in government agencies, enterprises, factories, hospitals, science Schools, hotels and other enterprises and institutions to use. 1, computer-type hot water boiler controller, all functions are miraculously stored in an intelligent chip, the boiler switch on one button, automatic timing, constant temperature operation, users can set the start, Stop time, set up complete center, bath center and other enterprises. After completion, there is no need to be on duty, save work, save labor. 2, equipped with imported brand burners, high degree of automation, automatic cleaning according to controller instructions, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, automatic proportional adjustment of air, oil (gas), stable performance, Safe and stable, good combustion effect. And equipped with fire protection devices to ensure safe operation. 3 Fire pipe plug-in flame retardant spoiler, slow down exhaust speed, enhance heat transfer, smoke temperature in smoke chamber low, reduce heat loss, save fuel. 4, large font display water temperature, easy to master boiler and system operation, The water temperature can be set arbitrarily from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃, the boiler automatically enters the system for heating or provides the user with life, the bathtub hot water. 5, the control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the temperature of the furnace, and the furnace water sets the upper limit of the water temperature when the hot water circulating pump starts up. Lower water temperature lower than hot water circulation pump stop. 6, horizontal gas-fired hot water boiler for three return to the whole wet back structure, the use of large-sized furnace, coarse smoke pipe design, to increase the radiation heat absorption inside the furnace Energy saving is effective. Using spiral tubes and corrugated furnaces, the heat transfer effect is greatly improved, fuel consumption is greatly saved. 7, the machine is equipped with overheat protection (furnace temperature is high, burners automatically stop working and buzzing alarm, secondary superheat protection (boiler shell temperature is more than 105 ℃), Automatic cut off secondary circuit), anti-dry water protection (furnace water level below very low water level, boiler stop working and buzzing alarm), boiler leakage protection (control system to detect leakage, short circuit, will automatically cut off the power supply). 8, When the boiler is in the atmospheric pressure structure design, the boiler is in the pressure state, there is no hidden danger of safety. 9, adopt the advanced centrifugal glass cotton Multi-layer insulation, famous white color plate for packaging, heat dissipation, rust-proof beauty. 10, heating boilers are widely used in homes, villas, hospitals, schools, hotels

Common bath oil or gas boiler What? With the faster speed of China's economic development, people are busy with business, while also relax now become the mainstream of society, similar to this bath leisure, relaxation and other places and has become one of the eyes of many people in Hong cake, along with the pre-investment study, bath and built what is its center is the center of the boiler, we all know a good variety of boiler:? a circulating fluidized bed boiler, fuel gas-fired boilers, waste heat boiler, chain grate coal-fired boiler , biomass boilers and other so much boilers we choose what is good? as the title of the commonly used bath boiler generally 1 ton on the line, 1 ton if we want to select certain to determine a premise that is low cost, investment and quick! so some people say why do not we buy a coal-fired boiler it? cheap ah! However, we are currently in increased environmental efforts to rectify! unless you want to be caught typical. So before we left with one ton or one ton boiler fuel gas-fired boiler or one ton of biomass boilers. Of course tons of fuel oil with 1 diesel fired hot water boiler is relatively small. Why? Of course Guia. Just like in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, burn gas cars are more common, because cheap. However, because of the nature of the oil and gas difference between the two substances, we will inevitably feel oil to power cars obviously great, but this party in Henan fast gas boiler and an oil boiler is less established, after all, the different nature of the product, it works vary considerably. However, different fuels have different advantages, primarily the need to refer to the actual needs of customers. Henan party shares quickly using one ton of fuel oil-fired boilers are light oil and heavy oil, however, it is now the most popular one ton methanol fuel boiler, one ton of ethanol fuel boiler, one ton alcohol-based fuel boilers. To sum up we can give an example such as one ton of methanol boiler, the main fuel for industrial methanol, can be used for heating water, heating, for steam and thermal efficiency are higher than most of the fuel gas-fired boiler, and one ton of methanol boiler is also in line with the national energy saving policy can be described as any harm! more 1 tons of fuel oil boiler price? Please online consulting engineers!

Fuel gas steam boiler safety and the prevention of fuel gas steam boiler is the flagship product, installation and after many years of production experience, now a comprehensive summary of the accident prevention measures gas boiler fuel and steam to share: fireman who must operate by the quality and technology supervision department issued the use of a registered boiler. Fireman who operate independently of the operating permit required to hold a fireman, and you meet the operational requirements of furnaces and categories. Boiler ignition should be done before the body of the boiler, burners and other auxiliary equipment, all attachments, valves, water supply, gas supply system and the electric control circuit inspection departments, and confirm normal. Play an open air valve, water to the pot water level slightly lower than normal water level. With "manual" to start the fan, the furnace was purged, the control system is adjusted to "auto" position, and then press the "start" switch, the boiler will be according to a predetermined program: Purge - Ignition - combustion - temporarily shutdown. Such as a faulty ignition program, fans can continue to manually purge and re-ignition, such as three unsuccessful ignition, to cease firing and gas, to identify the cause of the fault elimination, in order to re-ignite. When the pot was raised slightly greater than atmospheric pressure, the air valve has steam coming, can close the air valve. Requirements fuel gas steam boiler boost process, according to the provisions of checks and do all the operations carried out in order to confirm or steam supply and the normal furnace. After normal operation, you should always adjust the air supply, air supply and water supply, to maintain the water level and pressure stability, the need to adapt to the load, to ensure that the steam supply. Operation inspection checks should be carried out once every hour, and carry out all the provisions of the recording, check to confirm the name. Class should be flushed sewage water table and each time, the exhaust valve test, pressure gauge should be required to flush the requirements of the trap and check the safety devices perform, record and fill in, sign name recognition. First stop during normal shutdown supply, air supply is stopped later, to keep the water level above the normal water level. Fuel gas steam boiler furnace and flue gas boiler explosions are common in accidents.

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