Fire Tube Hot Water Gas Boiler

Fire Tube Hot Water Gas Boiler

Autumn and winter cold season is heating the peak of the northern city of Tianjin, with the heating period, fog, haze and other inclement weather has cropped up, as also the people a "blue sky" always in a good living environment, inside of Tianjin low-emission coal-fired boilers reform process without delay. To improve the situation of air pollution, Tianjin start the "Blue Sky Project" plans to cooperate with the fast boiler, gas boiler will invest billions of dollars in coal-fired boilers within the city as a clean fuel such as natural gas as raw material.

Fire boiler design pitch is much: a room, boiler production plant belongs to class D, to a steam boiler rated evaporation 4t / h, when the rated output is greater than 2.8MW fire tube hot water boiler, the boiler room building fire resistance rating of not less than two ; rated evaporation steam boiler is less than or equal to 4t / h, when the hot water boiler is equal to or less than the rated output 2.8MW, between the boiler building fire resistance rating of not less than three; m-inter-tank, oil pump and the oil heater are inter production plant belonging to class C, not less than two of its construction fire rating, between said room is arranged within the auxiliary boiler room, a room should be set apart from other firewall; March and gas regulator production plant belonging to Group A, which building fire rating of not less than two, should be provided between the boiler room and the immediate neighborhood regulator firewall spaced boiler room, which doors should open outwards and should not directly access to the boiler room, the ground should not be spark Ping.

Use boiler fireman in charge of daily operations would be required to learn knowledge about the use of the burner. Fireman personnel to achieve the "three to understand the four" standard that is to understand the operating principles, understand the rules, understand safety regulations; boiler operation will be, will be troubleshooting, maintenance will be simple, routine maintenance will be. When the burner has perceived findings among the working process should be shut down and notify maintenance personnel, if the need to disassemble the combustor for inspection or maintenance work, must first turn off the power and fuel. 1. boiler door lock, should ensure that the door to shake, and safe and reliable. 2. Prohibit the use of paper and garbage incineration boilers. 3. The protection system of boilers and burners comprising: explosion vent (boiler), heating system pressure protection, water protection, pressure protection, high pressure protection, low pressure protection, flame monitoring protection. When the burner practice, various protection signals are sent to the program controller, the respective program controller protection signal has been received, the protection signal only when all are normal, to start the burner. 4. The tightness of the gas line during the installation process has been checked. In general, not detached. It takes disassembly, after re-connecting line should be checked for air tightness. The gas supply pressure valve can not exceed the maximum allowable pressure in the combustor is indicated on the nameplate. When abnormal supply pressure, the burner should be closed. 6. When the filter is dirty gas pipe line, a valve should be closed pipeline cleaning (or replace) the filter gas pipe. 7. The front portion of the photosensitive surface of the photoelectric sensing should be kept clean, periodically remove the wipe. However, please note that when a sense of photoelectric eyes back into the electric eye sockets, electric eyes photosensitive part should be toward the front. 8. The temperature in the vicinity of the burner is not too high, or else the burner portion of the assembly constituted damage, especially in the control box. 9. near the burner should be kept clean, can not put their things, so as not to be drawn into the burner, resulting in losses. 10 is too high, too low or unstable portion of the assembly of a voltage configuration would damage the burner, may also affect the normal operation of the burner. 11. The burner should avoid being splashed water. Should maintain indoor dry, ventilated. 12. The flame burner requires a volume of air when burned, please keep in circulation boiler room air. 13. If the burner for an ignition fails to restart, you must wait a period of about about 10 minutes, until the combustible gas furnace burner cleared before restarting. After three consecutive failures, not in the start-up burner, shall promptly notify the professionals to repair.

Horizontal steam boiler accident treatment method: 1 overpressure accident boiler, boiler overpressure phenomenon of (1) a sharp rise in steam pressure, the pressure exceeds the allowable working pressure gauge pointer over the "red line" safety valve operating pressure is still elevated. (2) the operation of the device is the interlock overpressure protection, should send overpressure alarm signal, stops the air blowing, the wind, coal. (3) steam temperature and steam flow rate reduction increases. 2, to treat boiler overpressure (1) weakened rapidly burning, manually open the valve or bleed valve. (2) increase the water supply, while the lower reinforcing blowdown drum (It should be noted at this time to maintain the normal water level of the boiler), in order to reduce the temperature of the boiler water, thereby reducing the pressure in the boiler drum. (3) as a safety valve malfunction or all of the pressure gauge damage, emergency shutdown, safety valves and pressure gauges are to be repaired after the boost operation. When endanger the safe operation of (4) Boiler excessive pressure, blood pressure should take measures, but too fast buck is strictly prohibited. (5) boiler overpressure eliminate serious, to the shutdown of the boiler internal and external inspection, to eliminate the overpressure caused by deformation, leakage and other safety accessories and maintenance unqualified. 1, the phenomenon of the boiler water (1) below the minimum safe water level line, or no visible water, the water table glass (plate) as a white. (2) as a full-color water level gauge vapor instruction color. Low water level alarm signal (3) water level alarm occurs. (4) low water interlocking means, the water level should be below a prescribed value blower, Fan, grate reduction motor stops running. (5) a sharp rise in the superheater steam temperature, higher than the outlet steam temperature. (6) boiler exhaust gas temperature rises. (7) the water flow is less than the steam flow, causing Should the water tube due to tube cracking or economizer, an opposite phenomenon occurs. (8) When a serious water shortage, can smell the burnt smell. (9) When a serious shortage, the door can be seen from the red-hot waterwall tubes. (10) a serious water shortage, the furnace tube may rupture, then can hear the explosions, smoke and steam from the door, watching spray the fire door.

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