Energy Saving Boiler For Hospital

Energy Saving Boiler For Hospital

Former vertical steam energy saving boiler for hospitals should do something three-dimensional inspection and maintenance of steam boilers is very important to determine the right to a reasonable boiler maintenance categories based on specific information and condition of the equipment, to make reasonable arrangements for maintenance. After determining the categories of maintenance and equipment, need to produce drawings, preparatory work schedule, as well as materials and so prepare the required work. The boiler is scheduled to stop for a detailed vertical steam boiler inspection inside and outside, drawing proofreading boiler if in compliance with the actual situation, evaluate the contents of the technical condition of equipment, changes and additions to the standard project, and according to further modify and full material , spare parts, tools. And to determine the large, labor quotas and minor repairs of equipment repair downtime quotas, make economic budget. The development of safety measures, preparation of schedule, designate a person responsible for the organization construction of power, with on-site technical guidance and quality inspection. In the construction process overhaul vertical steam boiler, strict quality standards to improve the quality of maintenance. These are the vertical steam boiler in the need to prepare well in advance of the preparatory work before the overhaul. For businesses, the purchase well-known vertical steam boiler is only the beginning to ensure the production of power, only if the correct operation of steam boilers, and regularly do maintenance to ensure vertical steam boiler can provide about as adequate power and heat , in order to play the power production enterprises.

We produce steam energy saving boiler for hospital is a very important part of the device, this provides a quick way to our gas steam boiler, after use, we found an excellent energy-saving effect boilers, flue gas discharge temperature is lower than the previous boiler equipment many, in line with national environmental provisions of the boiler equipment. --customer feedback

2, the exhaust arrangement (flue gas) heat recovery.

Exhaust heat recovery from the flue gas passage to increase spray tower, heat exchange by spraying water mixed with the flue gas, a large amount of heat carried away by the fumes spray water, reduced exhaust gas temperature, high temperature spray water is pressurized by the circulating pump through a heat exchanger or other heating boiler return mechanisms, in order to achieve recycling of flue gas waste heat of exhaust gas temperature is reduced, saving energy and reducing the running cost and the fuel. Than the exhaust heat recovery economizer much better energy-saving effect, even some devices may be the flue gas water vapor latent heat recovery. But the exhaust heat recovery unit investment, more equipment, additional operating costs also, the failure rate is high. The economizer is simple and reliable, no mechanical component failure rate, operating costs are zero.

Vertical pressure steam energy saving boiler for hospital component damage cause an explosion under normal working pressure explosion: vertical steam boiler pressure element defects or damage itself, and gradually developed to a certain extent as an explosion erosive wear plate, formed during manufacture testing of welded defects, dirt accumulation inside the vertical steam boiler heat transfer bad, illegal water causing rapid cooling equipment when the vertical steam boiler water furnace combustion explosion: vertical steam boiler furnace explosion induced mainly because the furnace will carry liquid, the gas is generated instantaneously deflagration combustibles concentration reaches a certain limit. blast furnace depends on the heating and mixing the gas concentration premise vertical steam boiler before starting the furnace is not purged or not manipulated by the procedure fails after ignition, the ignition blind, furnace explosion happened so easily operating pressure exceeds the design pressure: vertical steam boiler pressure gauge failure, no action after the safety valve overpressure; fireman off-site supervision is not enough, the main steam valve closed valve failure; vertical steam boiler design. injustice, manufacturing quality substandard materials materials do not meet the requirements, poor weld quality, there is no test scheduled maintenance, long-term Maintenance, causing vertical steam boiler corrosion, so as decrease the pressure caused by overpressure explosion. Pressure line electrically heated steam boiler must be installed as insulation.

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