Energy Saving 9T H Taiwan Boiler

Energy Saving 9T H Taiwan Boiler

What is considered to meet the criteria of a good gas energy saving 9t h taiwan boiler it?

First, manufacturing materials

Henan Henan gas stove and gas module module energy saving 9t h taiwan boiler the same? Henan Henan gas stove and gas module boiler module is the same as you? In fact Henan Henan gas stove and gas module module boiler both similarities, there are differences. Henan module furnace gas heating device generally refers to a combination of several identical features a single heating unit from each heating unit typically has a single combustion system, exhaust system, the heat exchange system, and its structure is basically the same as fireplaces , the single heating element is a heating module, the furnace module is called. The composition of the gas boiler module and the principle of Henan Henan gas furnace module is the same, but its single heating unit is often a small boiler, more powerful, there are some products or vertical type, and Henan are basically forced gas oven module of smoke. So Henan Henan gas stove and gas module module boiler is both the same and differences. A German gas boiler module to ensure that each product of excellent rate of 100%.

Recently, Jinan City issued a "supplementary notice on accelerating the city's energy saving 9t h taiwan boiler-depth treatment of work-related" and formulated the following objectives.

I, on the in-depth treatment of boiler completion time. Low Nitrogen transformation and the transformation of the city's ultra-low emission gas-fired boiler biomass boiler to complete the appropriate time to relax, and strive to be completed in the end of June 2019, due to the commitment of heating (cooling) or involving people's livelihood and other support complex transformation process of the boiler furnace, indeed practical difficulties, completion time may be extended to the end of October 2019.

Second, on the in-depth treatment boiler standards. According to the "program tackling autumn and winter", the low nitrogen gas boiler after transformation, in principle, is not higher than the concentration of nitrogen oxides emissions of 50mg / m³, according to encourage the transformation of 30mg / m³. Encourage the transformation of biomass boiler with ultra low emissions coal-fired power plants.

Third, on the time-depth treatment of boiler arrangement. 2018 10 completed before the end inventory information verification, planning work; organize the implementation of the completion of the work before the end of May 2019; the end of June 2019 to complete the inspection work (due to heating and other disabled do not have to bear the acceptance conditions, available at the end of November 2019 before the completion of acceptance).

Fourth, on the information submitted to the work. Please ring the economy Zi [2018] No. 175 document complements the "Jinan City gas boiler investigation Summary Sheet" on or before October 12, "Jinan biomass boiler investigation Summary Table" to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. On or before October 26, the "Jinan City Boiler depth management plan summary table", "Jinan hole sampling and sampling platform standardization construction unit summary table" and has completed the in-depth treatment of the boiler reconstruction proved supervisory monitoring report submitted to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau . Since the beginning of November, every Friday morning before 10:00 (for the first time submitted November 2) the progress of reform in-depth treatment of each unit case to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

The key steps to consider when installing a hot water energy saving 9t h taiwan boiler needs to consider when installing a hot water boiler played a key step, select where to install hot water boiler: a boiler to be installed in an appropriate location, choose a large space where air circulation, good ground Ping, if necessary, in accordance with the foundation plans to do the foundation, in order to avoid vibrations occur during operation, causing damage to the boiler equipment. Second, the installer options: To ensure safe operation, please let the staff responsible for the installation of the factory, they have professional knowledge and installation experience. Or to find an installation qualification of the installation company to install, this is the first condition to ensure the safe use of the boiler. Third, check the gas supply after installation: When the gas hot water boiler installed, ensure no fire source in the vicinity of the case, open the gas valve to see if there are air leaks, if there is no air leak is installed, If there is leakage, troubleshoot to solve problems, to avoid accidents.

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