Electric 1000 Kw Hot Water Boiler

Electric 1000 Kw Hot Water Boiler

PolockGroup Group was founded in 1999, is a famous comprehensive enterprise in Bangladesh, covering many types of machinery, textile, paper and other production and processing equipment. Whether mechanical manufacturing, textile processing or paper products can not do without the help of steam electric 1000 kw hot water boilers. High quality steam can not only provide mechanical support for producing power; also meet the textile, paper processing disinfection process needs a number of drying, rinsing and the like. The performance of a steam boiler are very good in general can bring qualitative leap for the production.

1.5 tons gas electric 1000 kw hot water boiler described: a variety of protection, safe welding process 1.5 tons of gas boiler furnace three return structure unique waveform bile smoke tubes and tube sheet design over-temperature, over-pressure, water, leak detection, boiler flameout reliable. Rear view apparatus design, easy to observe the combustion state. 1.5 tons of gas boiler front living hinge symmetry, the door smoke: easy to open, easy maintenance, cleaning. Wet back boiler structure: full butt weld pull side, high reliability, maintenance costs bottom. Features: 1, the water level real-time monitoring function: equipped with electronic water level detection device, real-time monitoring of boiler water level. 2, time setting function: since the user can set the time required to stop the boiler, free combination. 3, leakage protection: control system to detect leakage electric heating elements will automatically cut off power supply. 4, water protection: boiler water promptly cut off when the burner control circuit to prevent the occurrence of dry damage the burner, while the controller sends water alarm indication. 5, power protection function: the boiler immediately stop running. 6, overpressure protection interlock: 1.5 tons of gas boiler when the pressure exceeds the value set by the user, is prohibited burner operation and alarm. 7, pressure controller, water level alarm, safety valve, low water level alarm and other multiple security. 8, a complete gas valve and protection system: providing a gas valve and accessories from whole filter, regulator and solenoid valve, ensuring safety gas. 9, the flue gas monitoring means can automatically monitor the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler, more easily grasp the combustion boiler.

How to observe whether steam electric 1000 kw hot water boiler is short of water and how to deal with itSteam boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment. The energy input to the boiler is chemical energy in fuel, electric energy, heat energy of high temperature flue gas and so on. After boiler conversion, steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier with certain heat energy is outputted out. Water level below the minimum safe water level, or invisible water level, water table glass tube (plate) appears white. The two-color water level meter shows all the gas-phase indication colors. Low water level alarm signals occur in high and low water level alarms. Low water level interlock device, water level below the specified value should stop the operation of fan, induced fan, grate reducer motor. There is also a sharp rise in superheater steam temperature above the normal outlet Steam temperature. The exhaust temperature of the boiler rises. The feed water flow rate is smaller than the steam flow rate, if the furnace tube or coal economizer tube rupture cause water shortage, the opposite phenomenon will occur. When the water shortage is serious, you can smell the scorching smell. When water shortage is serious, red water wall tube can be seen from the furnace door. When the water shortage is severe, the furnace tube may break, and a burst can be heard, steam and smoke will be ejected from the furnace door and the fire door. By calling water; for severe water shortage, it is necessary to stop the furnace urgently, and blindly feed water to the boiler. Reduce fuel, blast, draw wind, and supply water slowly when water is classified as a slight water shortage.

High thermal efficiency is ideal for energy saving thermal energy conversion efficiency of the electric 1000 kw hot water boiler is high energy saving ideal energy conversion efficiency is high heat boiler in the art using electromagnetic induction heating, energy saving, heating speed, high thermal efficiency. 1-3 minutes outlet water temperature reaches 60 degrees. It can be driven (10; 100) heat radiator, can increase or decrease the heating radiator or fan coil area (wall unit), other than oil, gas, electrical heating device may save more than 35%. Water separation machine, the front portion of the circuit, the rear water, heating the water within the core part walking, walking outside electricity. Product constant power, strong electric weak control, soft start soft switching, non-contact switch, no start inrush current, safe and reliable. Electromagnetic induction heating is a green product with avant-garde atmosphere of the times, the use of advanced inverter technology, frequency power supply 50HZ will convert 20000HZ high frequency power supply, no noise after the device starts. When you use does not release any harmful gases, fire, smoke-free, tasteless, no pollution problem many traditional heating equipment, no fire in the heating process, truly environmental protection and energy saving effect. Appearance energy boiler small size, can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office and the like. Smart saving electric boiler controlled by microcomputer control, and a digital signal with electronic power sensor (freely adjustable) precise temperature control, sensitivity, so that the indoor temperature equalization. Thermostat settings and various alarm functions, simple operation, easy to use. Long life saving electric boiler heating the core part of an electromagnetic induction heating, water heating after the magnetization does not form scale, the entire system is maintenance-free.

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