Diesel Boilers 2000Kw Greenhouse

Diesel Boilers 2000Kw Greenhouse

Originally, gas diesel boilers 2000kw greenhouse rely on this technology to achieve low nitrogen! Low nitrogen gas boiler in recent years, the national advocate for low nitrogen emissions, improve people's living environment quality product. Is an upgrade on the basis of ordinary gas boiler on, its advantage lies in the emissions of nitrogen oxides, very low compared to ordinary gas boiler, between 30--80 mg. To determine whether the use of low nitrogen gas boiler or the ordinary type gas boiler, we must first understand the difference between the two. 1, the advantages of ordinary gas boiler boiler is relatively low overall price, which is most of the reason customers choose it. If not mandatory local low nitrogen emissions, then this usually selected. 2, features low nitrogen gas boiler is low nitrogen oxide emissions. For Beijing, Xi'an, Zhengzhou high emission standards area; local limit nitrogen oxide emissions requirements at 30 mg or below, may have to choose low nitrogen gas boiler emissions, or even buy a can not be used. The disadvantage is the relatively high cost, the cost of the boiler body is about 60% higher than the same tonnage of ordinary gas boiler. Burner portion, 80 mg of the high cost of emissions than the average 30% -50% of the burner, emission standards cost 30 mg 100% -200% higher than normal burner. In fact, to achieve low nitrogen emissions, while taking into account the cost of gas boiler, you can also choose to fast boiler factory in Henan gas steam boilers, because their products through the use of premix low NOx combustion technology, coupled with boiler rational design, to fully burn the fuel completely, high strength flame, comprehensive energy saving than conventional burners than 25%, NOX (nitrogen oxides) content of the ultra-low, lower than the environmental standards. Reach the national minimum standards 30mg or less. Premix gas burner technology is commonly used in industrial combustion heating process technique, sufficient gas and air premixed before entering the combustion chamber, so that more complete combustion, improve the combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions, but also can reduce space requirements of the combustion chamber, is one of the world's most advanced gas combustion technology at present.

January first, Henan Province issued "the transformation of traditional coal chemical industry development action plan" (the "Program"), to promote the province's pollution prevention campaign of three-year action plan to speed up the traditional coal chemical industry (ammonia, methanol) industry to green transformation, to achieve high-quality development.

First, strictly control new capacity

Adherence to the red line capacity, traditional coal chemical enterprises prohibit new construction, new capacity expansion projects alone, is strictly prohibited without permission around the building does not meet the requirements of the industrial layout plan of coal chemical project in principle. The province's coal chemical projects and intensive clean-up, but according to the specified time limit has been approved to start construction of the project in principle, to construction, relocation and renovation projects must be upgraded into the base or campus planning. By 2020, the chemical industry out of the fixed bed coal gasifier intermittent exit single set of devices 300,000 tons / year of synthetic ammonia production capacity. Strict safety, fire safety, environmental protection, energy saving, water administrative licensing, implementation of the project safety, environmental protection facilities "three simultaneous" (designed, constructed and put into use) system, and resolutely shut down energy consumption, environmental protection, safety, quality, technical non-compliance enterprise. Strict implementation of the regional total energy consumption, pollutant emissions control requirements, upgrading of coal coal project be implemented reduction or equivalent alternative.

Second, increase the relocation and reconstruction efforts

Further promote the densely populated towns of dangerous chemicals production enterprises and urban built-up areas heavily polluting industrial relocation of enterprises, the implementation of an intensive investigation, the establishment of management accounting, according to "a business a policy" during mode classification advance. Priority to promoting the urban area of ​​coal chemical industry relocation, conversion or quit, not in the urban area but not in the business park to gradually move the park, according to the specified execution be discontinued or phased out. Close to exit the business enterprise to achieve the "two off three clear" (cut industrial water, electricity, removal of raw materials, products, production equipment), select the transformation of the enterprise to implement the upgrading of the standard industry benchmark, to off-site relocation According to large-scale, modern principles move into the province for involving chemical industry gathering area. Relocation upgrading of enterprises, projects and equipment should be encouraged to reach equipment industry access standards and conditions specified in the Guiding Catalog of Industrial Structure Adjustment, the use of large-scale continuous pressurized gasification plant, ammonia production capacity to 300,000 tons / year and above, coal methanol production capacity reached 100 million tons / year and above, the main push large-scale equipment.

Third, the implementation of green transformation

Before the end of 2019, coal chemical enterprises fully completed VOCs governance. And comprehensively promote the chemical industry equipment static and dynamic sealing points, storage, handling, waste water systems, unorganized process emissions and non-normal operating conditions and other root causes of remediation. As requested, the timely completion of the coal chemical industry waste discharge permit issued by the work, companies must comply with the behavior of the sewage discharge permit clear conditions, various types of environmental inspection found violations, strictly and severely investigated and dealt with as soon as possible in place. Based on "clean production audit approach", the implementation of coal chemical enterprises compulsory clean production audit coverage. Required to implement risk control measures to close the relocation of enterprises left over land.

Burners burn the gas diesel boilers 2000kw greenhouse may also be related to the deflection of the base of the furnace flame, because after detection found that the temperature of the temperature of the furnace spout and the uneven distribution of the burner, and the four corners of the same layer as the spout Winds boiler burner is not uniform in addition, a standard gas boiler burner equipment there are some outdated, making it impossible to secure the tangential firing, it is another major factor in making the flame base skewed.

Fang fast production of commercial gas hot water diesel boilers 2000kw greenhouse, using a number of high-efficiency components can be reduced 20-40% floor space compared to the more ordinary gas boiler, more suitable for hotels, schools, shopping malls and other small boiler room construction area areas. Meanwhile, in the boiler of atmospheric pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, also made no small achievement, fully meet the stringent emission standards of air pollution all over the country. So, the use of such commercial gas hot water boiler gas province it? Gas consumption comes from the boiler which elements in it? First, the fast side of the furnace heat loss commercial gas hot water boiler with integrated design structure, boiler startup, operation, decommissioning will take intelligent mode of operation, there is no traditional fuel, gas boiler ignition when the heat starts to bring the furnace purge loss. Second, heat loss due to the addition of the condensate recovery boiler, high temperature flue gas encounters when passing the condensed water is released latent heat section means, again put into use, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to about 60 ℃, compared with a conventional gas boiler , can improve the thermal efficiency of 10% or more. Third, the boiler power boiler power consumption type of consumption is very small, small enough to be negligible. Fourth, the automatic control system of the type with combined boiler, the system can make the water temperature according to the heating curve operation (error ≤0.5 deg.] C), can be truly "heat demand", greatly reducing heat losses and excessive heat under phenomenon. Fifth, in conjunction with other devices through flexible, the entire boiler room heating system (including soft water preparation system, automatic control system, a gas system, etc.) may be implemented approximated unattended, greatly reducing labor costs and management.

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