Commercial 600 Bhp Vacuum Boilers

Commercial 600 Bhp Vacuum Boilers

Conventional hot water commercial 600 bhp vacuum boilers types are: one condensing gas hot water boiler, separate condensing gas water boiler, water gas hot water boiler, a vacuum condensing gas hot water boiler, premix gas hot water boiler fully condensed, ultra-low emissions coupled vacuum boiler, electric heating water boiler, and the like.

Selection of vacuum hot water commercial 600 bhp vacuum boilers need to provide any information to buy things usually have a demand will buy, buy boilers, too, when you buy a boiler we should be how to buy the right boiler products? This chapter focuses on the information give you the selection of vacuum hot water boiler needs to be provided under the description which includes: 1, the first user to get a clear demand, such as customer needs but also one that is capable of heating boilers to heat bath, plus city based on the principles of environmental protection, we do not allow the use of coal as a fuel so we can choose the range is gas heating hot water boiler. 2, to determine the amount of tonnage of the boiler needs just like grocery shopping, like power boiler is to distinguish products based on the size of tonnage, it will need to provide a clear customer need heating area ah, daily water consumption such as these, these we have to select the appropriate tonnage, such as the customer's bath has an area of ​​almost 5,000 square meters, 5,000 square meters of heating needs, then we can choose four tons of gas boiler. 3, according to the local terrain to choose our country due to the vast area, so some high altitude air pressure is relatively low, so in terms of heating customers also need to consider these issues, and atmospheric gas boilers in the boiler does not apply to these areas, and so customers can choose a vacuum boiler, the boiler is in a negative state, it can be used no matter where you are, and will not be affected. 4, based on the estimated cost of the development of their own to buy due to the different boiler manufacturers, many small manufacturers have a lot of cheap products, but small manufacturers for aftermarket and quality are not guaranteed, so many customers have budget constraints how to solve it? Very simple, and now some of the boiler industry, big brands are doing activities such as Henan party soon have to order first and then use the process of using the installment, and will not have any impact on the issue of the aftermarket, so we carefully forget before the need to use the time of purchase, not some small boiler plant expensive. These are the customers before buying the boiler need to know, specifically more detailed technical information, please consult the online engineer.

Since the use of advanced technology vacuum commercial 600 bhp vacuum boilers control, automatic failure level, low alarm, the system may notify the user and automatically cut off power, to avoid losses due to lack of water. Forming a special design of the structure, it can be a machine. Also provides multi-channel, the temperature difference between the hot water to meet the various needs of users for central air conditioning, heating, sanitary hot water, high-level swimming pools, hotels, hotels and other hot water supply. It can provide process water for all types of industrial and mining enterprises. Imported burner has good insulation effect, applicable to an altitude of 3000 meters below the area. For heating, the heat of the burner indirectly received by the negative pressure steam. Under standard conditions, the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber with increasing vacuum chamber -76cmHg vapor pressure decreases, the heat medium when the vapor temperature reached 94 deg.] C negative, lowered vacuum degree -15cmHg, start and stop the vacuum switch burner, a heat exchanger with take the heat. Steam temperature and the heat medium decreases, the negative pressure increases to maintain a constant vacuum. Switching cycle start-up burner, so as to achieve the purpose of heating and water heating. Minimal vacuum chamber of the vacuum furnace -15CMHG, up to -76CMHG, negative pressure is always maintained in a state of absolute security, the steam temperature of the vacuum chamber and the vacuum chamber of the heat medium can be increased to 94 deg.] C, the heating and hot water water temperature up to 80 ℃. Boiler body and not subjected to any pressure of the vacuum chamber, the heat exchanger can withstand the pressure. Therefore, no need to check the entire process from commissioning to operation, the boiler does not need permission. Advantages advantages of vacuum hot water boiler vacuum boiler operation is a negative pressure, safe and reliable, no explosion, not subject to supervision and inspection, can be placed on the roof, the basement does not scale, compared to other hot water boiler long life vacuum heat the boiler water pressure and hot water boiler and Comparative residential heating system pressure hot water boiler is mainly used for heating boilers cell. It was heated in two ways: floor heating, a heating radiator. Residential district heating system depends on the height of the floor to decide whether heating alone. Vacuum hot water boiler operating principle is to use the steam generated by the boiling of water at low pressure, water and steam condensation heat transfer and heat output mode. The interior of the apparatus is a closed vacuum chamber. Combustion heat medium boiling water was evaporated in a vacuum chamber to produce a negative pressure steam, steam condensation outside the heat transfer tubes, the inner tube heating cold water supplied to the user, the steam condenses into water droplets return to the heat medium heating evaporation again, completing the cycle.

July 26, 2016, Beijing, China Everbright Paper Co., Ltd. and the company signed a "split 6 tons of steam condensing gas steam commercial 600 bhp vacuum boilers contract" by the company responsible for the WNS6-1.25-YQ split condensing gas boiler steam to all production, installation and commissioning work. The product is the use of condensing technology, effective emission of harmful substances SOx, NOx, COx, is industrial boilers efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

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