Boiler Suppliers For Industries In Hyderabad

Boiler Suppliers For Industries In Hyderabad

First, to prevent scale build gas-fired boiler suppliers for industries in hyderabads in use, the need to transport large amounts of water, most of these have been the water softening process, calcium and magnesium ions contain very little, but still can not avoid the possible scale; the long run, the internal boiler the accumulation of a large scale, have a very bad effect on the boiler operation and efficiency will be. Second, improve the safety of the boiler In recent years, the country frequent boiler accident, as we sounded the security alarm. If you can not in a timely manner to carry out the necessary internal boiler cleaning work, it will affect the safety indicators gas boiler in the production process to a large extent.

(1) Open the inlet valve, close the steam outlet valve, start the feed water pump to fill the steam boiler suppliers for industries in hyderabad furnace (should be softened water), the water level to the normal water level of the water level gauge, check whether the water level is stable, if the water level drops, check the steam boiler Whether the drain valve is closed is not tight.

Between 1.3 boiler suppliers for industries in hyderabad, pump tank, between the gas regulator or a gas generally use water spray fire extinguishing system. The use of a gas fire extinguishing system, in the event of the fire, fire extinguishing system start work, and to close the valve and out of the ventilation system and the room air duct. After extinguishing the fire is determined, and then start the exhaust system, excluding the residual gas, after the fire to ensure the exclusion zone from a lower chamber residual gas, the room ventilation frequency at least four times / h, and air vents provided in a lower room. This specifies the amount of exhaust air from the fire safety system.

Shanxi Province to respond positively to treatment advice on remediation since 2014, new registrations of 10 steam tons / hour coal-fired boiler suppliers for industries in hyderabads and environmental supervision of the central group feedback, recently, government inspectors focus group, conducted a comprehensive inspection of coal-fired boilers activities, to grasp the progress and corrective measures to ensure the successful completion of the renovation work.

The statistics, since 2014, Datong new registered 10 steam tons / hour and a total of 48 coal-fired boilers, according to the provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision requirements, the county district special equipment related regulatory authorities have the 48 legally registered boilers Log off, and conduct regular inspections. As of to date, 36 units have been removed, still with 11 units, the remaining aspects of the transformation of a substance being born.

Currently, 11 boilers are still in use, some have been re-ordered natural gas boiler, gas pipeline work underway access; some have been able to replace air heating equipment; also because of the administrative division adjustment, need to further define the charge of the task.

Follow-up inspection staff proposed remediation work boiler suggested that there was any objection to the main regulatory responsibility, clear as soon as possible; dismantled boiler, strengthen follow-up supervision; boilers still in use, depending on the circumstances be accountable to county-owned enterprises; the ongoing transformation of the boiler, a clear transformation is complete to confirm compliance and acceptance of responsibility department, and follow-up supervision.

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