Blue Thermal Boiler

Blue Thermal Boiler

Jinzhou construction and installation company needs an electric heating hot water blue thermal boiler house construction, after screening and comparison of various brand boiler industry, our excellent results in the cleaning of the boiler industry has been attracted to each other, in mid-2016, the Jinzhou construction and installation the company I signed with an electric heating pressure hot water boiler.

How to identify the relationship between the blast furnace and blue thermal boiler efficiency and load: the boiler, heat the way it is, what? And how to identify blast furnace boiler? Also, when the boiler load changes, the efficiency, whether it will produce a corresponding change? These issues are on the boiler, and also not in front of, so the following immediately to give the corresponding answer it, and so that we learn by, to have a correct understanding. 1. boiler heat transfer way, what? What is common? The boiler, the heat transfer embodiment thereof, in general, there is a conduction, convection and radiation of the three. And these three are the main, they are often use to. As, in the type in which, with a layer of the combustion, combustion chamber, and the fluidized bed combustion three.

How Selection Heating blue thermal boilers: current heating boilers with hot water, or more. Basically concentrated in hotels, villas, there is a large heating companies. For selection of heating boiler first need to purchase a boiler unit for the heating area they need to understand. In this case, in order for the selection of heating boilers to do more appropriate.

How to treat blue thermal boiler waste water

During the long-term operation of boiler, the water treatment equipment will inevitably aging. When the equipment is in abnormal operation, the pollution density of the water supply is larger, and there is a certain amount of sediment in the water supply process. When the water with sediment component evaporates in the boiler and more sediment materials are precipitated, the boiler pipe will be blocked, the heat dissipation effect will be poor, and the probability of tube burst will occur. The formation of boiler slag will clog the furnace tube and cause tube explosion if it is not discharged out of the furnace at regular intervals. At the same time, it also reduces the heat transfer effect.

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