Automatic 4 Ton Steam Boiler

Automatic 4 Ton Steam Boiler

Is there a difference between the kind of preparation and hot water boiler hot water boiler before purchase, which is a specific kind of boiler, the boiler is also a common product types and sites, so the need for knowledge and understanding, and by learning and mastering their knowledge achieve proper use for this purpose, at the same time, can also benefit from it, get some expertise. 1. hot water boiler before purchase whether to do some preparation work? From a professional point of view, hot water boiler product before making the purchase, is the need to do some preparatory work, both to reflect the importance of the work product to buy, but also can avoid the wrong choice. Moreover, we should take seriously and carry out, because if something goes wrong, it will affect the right to buy the product. On the job content, in addition to use of the environment and use of the product requires a clear understanding, but also to understand some basic information about products and manufacturers, good conduct multi-comparison and comprehensive consideration, so they have accurate judgments and the correct choice. 2. What are the important parameters of hot water boilers have? Atmospheric pressure and hot water boilers What are the differences? Important parameters of hot water boiler, from a professional point of view, for the boiler heat power, water supply and return water pressure and temperature of these three parameters, can not be ignored and careless treatment. The difference between the pressure and the pressure hot water boiler, which is specific: a difference: pressure hot water boiler is full of water, the water level did not control the problem, but there is pressure hot water boiler in the water level control problem. Difference between the two: it must have a pressure gauge on the pressure hot water boiler safety valve and thermometer these three components, as is always the boiler is full of water, it is not necessary to install water level, and pressure hot water boiler is to have a water level gauge thermometer and two instruments, but do not need to install a safety valve, pressure gauge may not be installed. Three differences: circulating water pump pressure hot water boiler heating system is generally the choice of clean water pump, and pressure hot water boiler heating systems pump hot water pump is optional. Four differences: only provide low pressure hot water boiler water, but also provide high temperature water, can only provide a low pressure hot water boiler water temperature of less than 100 deg.] C. 3. Is there pressure hot water boiler water filling operation precautions? Pressure hot water boiler, hot water boiler which is a specific type, which is operating in Sheung Shui precautions, so the answer to this question is yes. Specific, is: Sheung boiler and heating system should be carried out separately, not be performed simultaneously, performed prior Boiler Feed, when the expansion tank reaches a low level, then the system Sheung.

Workflow hot water boiler simply look at today's workflow hot water boiler. The simple conclusion that the working process to the main boiler fuel combustion, heat transfer, vaporization and heating of the water with the superheated steam and the like. The entire boiler boiler composed of two parts and auxiliary equipment. Boiler: boiler body is the main part of the boiler equipment, is composed of two parts consisting of pot and stove. Hot water boiler system in a soda boiler, which main task is to receive a fuel suction heat released, the water is heated, evaporated and finally becomes superheated steam having certain parameters. It consists economizer, the drum, the downcomer, the header, water wall, superheater and reheater connecting pipes and other equipment and valves. A hot water boiler economizer: vertically positioned rear of the boiler flue, the use of flue gas waste heat boiler feed water, reducing the exhaust gas temperature, increase boiler efficiency, save fuel. Two hot water boiler drum: at the top of the boiler, is a cylindrical pressure vessel, which is under water, the upper portion of the steam is that it accepts the economizer runoff, while the downcomer, the header, Wall together form water circulation loop. Wall water absorbs heat generated in the soda mixture was collected in the drum, conveyed to the saturated steam superheater after water separation. Three drop tube hot water boiler: the water supply pipe water wall, the effect is the introduction of water into the steam drum to the lower header redistribution respective waterwall tubes. Dispersion in small diameter and the large diameter downcomers Downcomer two kinds. Small diameter pipes of small diameter drops, the water cycle unfavorable. Wall four lower header: the header main role is to bring together quality, or to redistribute the working fluid through the other header by the header pipe. A water wall is thicker lower header tube closed at both ends, its role is connected to the downcomer and the water-cooled wall, so as to function together, mixing, redistribution action of working medium. Five water-cooled wall: at the furnace around its main task is to absorb radiant heat of the oven, to evaporate water, which is the main heating surface modern boilers, while protecting the furnace wall. Six superheater: its role is to drum saturated steam into superheated steam having heated the certain temperature. Seven hot water boiler reheater: its role is done in the steam turbine power section is heated up again, and then continue to work in the steam turbine. These are the hot water boiler workflow profile, I hope for your help.

March 22 to 23, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province Bureau of Quality Supervision established party leadership team, the progress of the 2018 phase-out of coal-fired boilers to conduct random work. Leading group led by Liu Ping, deputy director of Ganzhou City, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Industry and Information Commission, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission composed of four departments jointly checks group within Xinfeng County of Ganzhou City, Nankang District, Jiangxi counties and carried out spot checks Yudu County coal-fired boilers working-out of a total of 17 companies.

Sampling results show that 17 companies, more than 10 companies to complete phase-out of coal-fired boilers, the other seven unfinished business executives also said that this year will be to complete the rectification work before December 20.

In this sampling event, checks the group also proposed rectification direction of the coal-fired boilers for local authorities: by strengthening the policy advocacy, strengthening inter-site inspectors guidance and strengthen departmental interaction, the three parties work together to ensure the timely completion of this non-compliance within Ganzhou coal-fired boiler out of the task.

First, the use of clean electrical energy more environmentally friendly coal resources, in fact, has supported the development of the early industrial age, but with the coal to the social environment from pollution is getting worse, it is mainly the energy status gradually replaced, as they are now "coal to electricity" boiler is one of the ongoing substitution process, get way more electrical energy use efficiency is very high, one important point is that pollution is very small. Second, to reduce soot bring people a lot of damage mostly in the winter heating boiler is now using the "coal to electricity" boiler heating to bring direct benefits would include reducing soot damage. Use of coal boiler is inevitable to produce soot, and ash in the air for a long presence would seriously endanger people's health, good quality "coal to electricity" boiler is very good to solve this problem, as improve everyone's health contributed very effective force. Third, reduce energy consumption while also reducing the difficulty of cleaning up a lot of coal-fired boilers is not very high for the utilization of coal resources, far less than the high energy efficiency, electrical energy instead of coal reduces the energy consumption in a certain sense and the use of coal is another serious drawbacks will generate a lot of garbage, the garbage will not only deepen the environmental pollution will increase the difficulty of people to clean up, so coal to power boilers can be said to kill two birds played a role in this regard.

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