8 Th Diesel Steam Boiler

8 Th Diesel Steam Boiler

Dairy production and processing sectors, need a lot of steam on food drying, sterilization, stereotypes, such as processing, 8 th diesel steam boiler essential. Xinjiang Ake Su Xinnong Dairy Co., Ltd. as a local brand, has a large market users. 2016, Akzo increased demand for dairy production, the original steam boiler company can not meet today's production needs. In the same year, Akzo dairy cooperation with our company, signed a series SZS 6 tons of steam pipe steam boilers, steam support for the dairy industry dairy production Aksu.

Check the hot water boiler prevention boiler ash land for hot water for a long time, then there may be a fly ash generated, so the phenomenon of how to prevent it? Now a small series summarize for you, great professional supervision boilers, guiding secondary air distribution, combustion adjustment and commissioning, improved as soon as possible. Second, the great boiler power generation portion 1B mill current to 110A or more quickly, and to adjust the coal level to High Level. Third, the power generation portion reinforcing inspection quality, found mill air lock operation and abnormal high pressure separator successively in time access check process, to reduce the excessive ash problem. Fourth, the ambitious power generation boiler fuel and transportation department to strengthen communication and ensure doped blending quality, eliminate two mill run for more power to control the high pressure separator outlet, causing the crew ash poisoning cases. Fifth, strengthen the operation of the power generation section mill operator when switching to each parameter control to ensure that units of the parameters, indicators of normal. Sixth, the power generation unit operators in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of control combustible ash, slag once every two hours for observation, adjust or abnormal timely reporting of professional coordination process. Fly ash to prevent the above phenomenon summed up the problem on hot water boiler.

Predict water shortages hot water boiler water scarcity is a common phenomenon that appears hot water boiler, usually have to pay a lot of attention. When the following phenomenon is the phenomenon of hot water boiler: a static water table does not fluctuate slightly, this phenomenon is false level, the fireman staff not recognizing, as a white water table glass 2 (tube), or pencil rod or slash-shaped plate placed behind the water table, looking through the water table, see as polylines, but continuously obtained when the stick or a slash, then the water in the water table has not, the alarm level 3 and other low-level alarm signal or an alarm device emits a low level signal is greater than the water steam flow 4, a sharp rise in temperature of the steam superheater 5, the boiler room smell burnt taste 6, 7 of the furnace top wall collapse, the drum 8, the furnace, tube furnace superheater heating surface modification, 9 Sheung heard economizer have abnormal impact or sudden leaks flue economizer four weeks, 10 take the white water vapor chimney smoke, found squib 11, inflation port detached. May only just a little hot water boiler water when the first three phenomena, would be a serious water shortage during the first three phenomena plus a phenomenon occurs. To remember.

How to choose a good quality gas boilers and can use without water? Gas-fired boiler, which is a specific kind of boiler, but also in the product website, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, well familiar with the site and its manufacturing factory. So, the next job is to learn a gas boiler, at the same time, we also acquire some professional knowledge, and apply their knowledge to realize this knowledge, to avoid waste from. 1. How to choose a good quality gas boilers? Want to choose a good quality gas boilers, is the need to do two things, are as follows: First, we must clearly understand the needs, determine their products can bear the price range, good further refine your selection; second is to choose professional formal manufacturers, to ensure good product quality and good performance, in turn, make the product have good results. 2. boiler room gas boiler which notes? Boiler room gas boiler, which is some notes, which specifically is: this kind of boiler operation must be carried out by the Boilermakers. During operation of the boiler, boiler worker must be on duty to patrol the site, it is strictly prohibited unattended operation. Instead of boiler-related staff, does not allow unauthorized access to the boiler room, to avoid any danger. 3. When you use gas-fired boilers without water? If you can use when gas boiler without water, it is mainly determined by the actual situation, if not dry gas boiler system, can be used normally this kind of boiler. Gas boiler system has been the lack of other issues arise if without water, the boiler does not work, then you must stop the shutdown. So, at this point, we should have a correct understanding, there can be misconceptions, so as not to affect the normal use of the boiler. 4.1 tons of gas hot water boiler and 1 ton gas 8 th diesel steam boiler, its gas consumption per hour of the same? 1 ton gas hot water boiler and 1 ton gas steam boiler, its gas consumption per hour from a professional point of view is not the same, one ton of gas hot water boiler, its gas consumption per hour is 80 cubic meters, and one ton gas steam boiler, its gas consumption per hour is 75 cubic meters, so this will have a conclusion based on the above.

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