7Kgcmsq Diesel Steam Boiler

7Kgcmsq Diesel Steam Boiler

Henan 7kgcmsq diesel steam boilers running fast boiler company to introduce small series with the normal operation of steam boilers. Requirements normal operation of the steam boiler: furnace normal water level, steam pressure stable, keeping the boiler room tidy, do shift work to strengthen the monitoring of equipment and instruments to ensure the safe and reliable, to prevent accidents, pay attention to saving coal, fireman to regularly summarize experience, and continuously improve operation and management level. 1, water steam boiler feed water requirements need to be processed, the water supply must meet the requirements GB1576-85 "low-pressure boiler water quality standards", it requires the use of automatic continuous water supply mode, to avoid vapor pressure fluctuates due to discontinuity Sheung normal operation of boiler, for affecting the normal vapor. 2, the water level in the furnace steam boiler furnace always pay attention to water level changes, so as to maintain the normal water level in the range of ± 25 mm can not be higher than the highest or below the minimum level, the water level within the water table generally slightly shaking stationary phenomena such as water , there may be blockage in the water table, it should be washed immediately. 3, steam boiler water level gauge water level in each class should be washed at least once, the water level to maintain regular cleaning, make sure the water level is clearly visible. The glass mat should be found to leak, steam leakage when tightening the packing, such as water or water line blurred not clear, flushing effect still not be replaced. Each boiler is equipped with two water level, which if a damage should be repaired immediately, such as the two also damaged, immediately temporary shutdown until a water level returned to normal in order to continue operation. 4, when the steam boiler water supply equipment to shift to check all the pumps are working correctly, if the fault repaired immediately. Boiler feed water requires continuous feeding, the amount of use of automatic water regulating valve to open the control valve, the boiler feed water is automatically adjusted according to the size of the steam consumption. 5, the vapor pressure remains stable as possible working pressure, vapor pressure shall not exceed the rated working pressure. 6, the bending tube pressure gauge gauge class washed once and check whether the normal pressure gauge, a pressure gauge check every six months, as a difference between the atmospheric pressure reading shall be repaired or replaced.

After many trials and tests, a great change has occurred on the one-piece design condensing gas boiler. Taking into account the fuel for combustion, the furnace larger design space, the heating surface and more abundant. Compared with the traditional design of the structure of an ordinary gas boiler, fuel combustion in the furnace is more uniform, more heat removal, a higher utilization rate.

What types of boilers are currently furnace use? Furnace is a boiler shell type specific pressure member. Internal combustion furnace is, outside the boiler water, under external pressure. Therefore, it is the worst working conditions the pressure receiving member in the boiler shell type, one of the most easily damaged component. Due to the high temperature furnace combustion flame, which is higher than the temperature of the boiler shell, its thermal expansion problems in particular. Especially oil-fired boiler, the combustion temperature due to the high oil, high furnace thermal strength, severe temperature changes, it requires the furnace to have a good thermal expansion properties. Currently there are in the form of a flat furnace of cylindrical shape, with a straight cylindrical reinforcing ring, corrugated and the like.

We learned that recently, Beijing issued a "three-year action plan to win the Beijing Blue Sky Wars," to date, mainly to strengthen ecological environment construction, pollution control tough fight to win Beijing, make the appropriate efforts. Details are as follows.

First, build a green energy system

Combined with the characteristics of the capital, in the city to protect the power supply, heat supply network under the premise of safe operation, relying on intelligent technology, strengthen external power transferred, increase the proportion of outside transmission. Full development of new local energy resources. Promoting clean renewable energy for heating, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, City Management Committee and other sector organizations to increase renewable energy use in key areas clean city sub-center, Beijing's new airport and other heating. In principle, to new natural gas cogeneration and gas chemical projects.

Second, lay Yajian coal finale

Led by the Agriculture Commission, in accordance with the principle of progressive advance of the first plains, mountains and then to "coal to electricity," the main scientific technical route choice, according to local conditions to promote rural village "coal to clean energy" work. 2018, the completion of the plains 450 villages "coal to clean energy" to carry out energy-saving synchronous rural residence. Completion of Pinggu District, clean energy transformation of coal-fired central heating boilers 5 of Yanqing district, the basic realization of the city's Plains "No Coal." In 2019, the development of scientific and effective mountains "coal to clean energy" technology roadmap, the heating period to break a long, large temperature difference and other problems, an orderly mountain villages of "coal to clean energy" work.

Third, improve energy efficiency

Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other departments to study and improve energy consumption limits system. City Housing and Urban Construction Commission, the Municipal Planning and Land Committee and other departments to revise new residential building energy efficiency design standards, energy-saving rate of more than 80%; accelerate the development of ultra-low energy buildings, new buildings strict implementation of green building standards. City Housing and Urban Construction Commission, the Municipal Urban Management Commission, Agriculture Commission and other departments saving renovations to existing buildings, Rural public buildings energy-saving standards and scope of the earthquake.

Fourth, accelerate infrastructure construction clean energy

City Management Committee, the Agriculture Commission and other departments to speed up the "coal to electricity" grid upgrading in rural areas, to meet the heating needs of the field of alternative energy. Into the "No Coal" facilities construction village, power and other reconstruction within the scope of planning in advance to give priority to implementation. Related power companies continue to strengthen the construction of power facilities and support capabilities.

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