5000 Kw Steam Boiler Supplier

5000 Kw Steam Boiler Supplier

On the "low nitrogen" process, the use of international tip side quickly premix, the FGE other combustion flue gas recirculation techniques, starting from the different positions of the boiler, the nitrogen oxide emissions fall again, less than has been achieved 18 mg / cubic meter remarkable results.

Low nitrogen boiler by which important parts

Low nitrogen boiler used in the manufacture of a variety of advanced technology, more sophisticated and ingenious structure, not only to save fuel and energy, high environmental performance, but also to a large extent to save space, more and more people's favorite.

Technical principles premix condensing gas boiler modules: 1, premixed combustion technology: air and gas in certain proportions into the combustion chamber after combustion, combustion gas can be completely, no waste gas to reduce carbon oxide emissions limits value, while the amount of harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides decreased to 30 mg / m or less. 2, condensation technology: high temperature flue gas temperature of the combustion exhaust gas after heat exchange is still a high, two passes through the heat exchange zone, since the return water temperature is low, water vapor in the high temperature flue gas encountered cryostraw when the water condenses into a wall, the release of large amounts of heat, the temperature of the flue gas in a heat absorption heat exchanger, flue gas temperature will be much reduced, thereby reducing heat loss, the thermal efficiency of the boiler can reach 108%. 3, the boiler modular design structure, the boiler can operate independently but also a plurality of joint control, may alternate each other, while having a variety of security monitoring devices, to ensure safe operation of the boiler.

In recent years, Hebei Province People's Government to respond positively to Blue Sky Battle action plan promulgated by the state, and all of 35t / h coal-fired boiler and below in the Hebei province out of the transformation process. First Hospital of Baoding respond positively to the call of the provincial government, eliminate serious pollution of the original coal-fired boiler hospital, citing energy saving 5000 kw steam boiler supplier to natural gas as raw material. After a series of market research, WNS Series Split hospital condensing gas boiler boiler other fast soft spot.

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