500 Bhp Water Steam Boiler Price

500 Bhp Water Steam Boiler Price

Energy-saving hot water boiler hot water boiler is imperative that a scheme based on status quo must be implemented. China's rapid economic development, leading to rising demand for energy, coupled with the energy arena is more and more widely, leading to the environment is getting worse. In view of the implementation of China's energy-saving emission reduction targets, the implementation of more energy-efficient hot water boiler is also imperative. Industrial boiler industry should follow our industrialized society, widespread implementation of population urbanization and high quality of life and the rapid development of the national energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection policies, the implementation of small and medium hot water boiler toward high-capacity, high-parameter, high efficiency, low the development direction of emissions. China's economic development and make a good contribution. I provide energy-efficient hot water boiler, oil boiler, all walks of life are welcome to contact the amount of people in need, visit.

Economic interests condensing boiler: condensing boiler can be recovered fuel type and boiler water temperature and how much water vapor latent heat boiler flue gases are using. When the ordinary recovery boiler combustion gas without condensation, the heat efficiency of the boiler if the calculated calorific value of the fuel was 90%, the use of condensing heat recovery unit, the exhaust gas temperature down to 30 ~ 50 ℃, the thermal efficiency will be increased to about 107%. In the case where the fuel consumption is constant, the lower the heating system return, the more condensing heat recovery heat recovery, the higher the thermal efficiency of the boiler. A boiler to provide heat for the winter the water conditioning water ring, which heating hot water temperature is 25 ℃, condensing boiler using a considerable saving than the conventional hot water boiler operating costs. 1 million kcal / h boiler, for example, natural gas consumption of the conventional type boiler 126.5Nm3 / h (natural gas low heat value 8500kcal / Nm3), consumption of natural gas condensing boiler 110Nm3 / h, when the boiler is operating 10 hours a day, heating period is 100 days, then, a condensing boiler using natural gas 16500Nm3 savings per year, using natural gas meter price 1.8 yuan, an annual operating cost savings 29,700 yuan.

Fangkuai Boiler is a clean-up boiler equipment based on various excellent scientific and technological advancements, focusing on product development, manufacturing, and manufacturing that are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy saving, and meet the basic national conditions of environmental protection in China. In order to promote the rapid development of the heating furnace manufacturing industry, people-oriented, consider the specific requirements of customers in the manufacturing industry for heating furnaces in various industries.

What are the advantages condensing boiler condensing boiler is now gradually into the public view, many people are not very understanding of condensing boilers, to choose whether you want to condensing boiler factory direct supply more hesitant. In fact, the condensing boiler uses a new technology, which is condensing technology, condensing boiler and combustion principle premix combustion air and gas mixing ratio in accordance with the best combustion efficiency is improved. Then we will introduce condensing boilers What are the advantages: 1. modular division, convenient: a whole will follow the rules of the boiler is divided into many small boiler, which is the boiler module. It can be said boiler module by the number of "parallel combination of a simple" scale can be achieved in any single boiler, and a portion of the system maintenance costs, may reduce the boiler room (including soft water preparation system, automatic control system, a gas system, etc.) is equivalent to smart unattended, can effectively reduce the cost of management and staff. Most people should have understood them in modern management, a key factor affecting the overall cost is the output of labor costs, so consumers in the use of condensing boilers, than using conventional boilers save most of the money. 2. low load, high efficiency: the smaller the output load due to the condensing boiler, the higher the efficiency of its operation; the lower the contrary. Therefore, high efficiency condensing boiler is running at low load, just to meet summer demand, and higher annual average efficiency not only saves energy consumption, but also reduces the cost of running late. 3. The premix combustion system: combustion efficiency depends on the mixing ratio of gas and air and a combustor, the condensing boiler technology stepless fan, according to the load demand, stepless adjustment of air quantity; while adjusting the gas condensing boiler technology by adjusting the ratio volume, both remain at the optimum mixture ratio, to ensure complete combustion. Unique water-cooled burners, the flame temperature is rapidly lowered, improve the combustion efficiency while ensuring low emissions of harmful substances. From the advantages of condensing boilers above three aspects, factory direct sales of condensing boilers can provide more heat in the boiler on the same fuel consumption, but also has a condensing boiler environmental protection, energy conservation, safety of many advantages, but in today's resources so tight under the situation, the condensing boiler will come out on top in the market.

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