300 Kg H Steam Boiler

300 Kg H Steam Boiler

For the same heating surface of utility boilers and industrial boilers, which have significantly different working conditions, thus lesion pattern is also different. Industrial boiler economizer tubes of oxygen corrosion occurs mainly in the inner wall, the outer wall of the low-temperature sulfur corrosion, while the power plant boiler economizer tube wall wear mainly occurs. Power plant boiler water wall tube may produce hydrogen embrittlement, industrial boilers will not.

Effects of changes in vapor pressure heating boiler steam temperature change on the stove vapor pressure of the steam temperature: Usually when the steam pressure is increased, the superheated steam to rise. This is because when the vapor pressure increases with an increasing saturation temperature, from water into steam need to consume more calories in the case of the fuel constant, the instantaneous evaporation of the boiler to reduce, i.e. the superheater by reducing the amount of steam, the steam is increased relative to heat absorption, resulting in superheated steam temperature.

Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, Liaoning provincial government to respond positively to national policies according to the latest requirements, increase the intensity of atmospheric pollutants have increased in terms of the number of personnel or subsidies. Now funds raised 24.08 million yuan to support the removal of loose coal and coal-fired boiler control project.

According to statistics, since the fall of 2017, a total removal of Fuxin coal-fired boilers 488 units, a total of 1020.085 tons of steam, subsidies for 21.08 million yuan. At the same time, actively carry out the bulk coal Fuxin treatment project, the replacement of energy-saving small boilers 2,000 subsidy capital of 300 million yuan.

And, Fuxin City, developed a series of measures to scrutiny. To strengthen the management of special funds to ensure the flow of funds security, Fuxin City, the boiler license, inspection report and environmental impact assessment procedures to establish a furnace of a file basic information, to complete the formalities boiler users comply with the removal of subsidies standards, timely payment of subsidies to users hands.

After the implementation of removal of loose coal and coal-fired boiler control project implementation, Fuxin City air quality of the environment and the urban fringe have been greatly improved. According to the survey, this year, the average concentration of PM2.5 Fuxin City 35 micrograms / cubic meter, improved 12.5% ​​year on year; PM10 average concentration of 67 micrograms / cubic meter, improved 17.8% year on year; air quality compliance rate of 81.6%, an increase of 4 %.

(1) each boiler rated evaporation does not exceed 10t / h, rated vapor pressure does not exceed 1.6MPa.

(2) Each boiler must have a reliable overpressure protection device interlock and interlock the bottom level protection.

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