3 Pass Water Tube Steam Boiler

3 Pass Water Tube Steam Boiler

As one of Beijing's air pollution emission standards of the most demanding urban, environmental control is very strict. Beijing primary school campus Emerald City as one of the cradles of socialist culture successor, in terms of the quality of students' learning environment is put emphasis on one hundred percent. October 2017, Beijing primary school campus Emerald City with my company, signed a two Thalia T6 series vacuum hot water boiler for winter heating use.

How many mills Taiyuan efficient 3 pass water tube steam boiler steam boiler price for the election, then, the thermal efficiency is a very important indicator data. Products fast boiler thermal efficiency of condensing technology adopted, thermal efficiency as high as 100 percent, did not use the annual enterprise to save a lot of fuel costs. So, for textile enterprises in Taiyuan, it must be to choose an efficient steam boiler, such things, the latter will save a lot of operating costs. For efficient steam boiler price is not accounting prices. In this regard, fast boiler pre-sales engineers and Taiyuan textile procurement staff carried out a detailed exchange, the company is currently using two tons of gas steam boiler to meet production. Currently the price of fast boiler steam boiler 2 tons of gas at around 200,000.

At present, the domestic manufacturers of gas boiler 3 pass water tube steam boiler has been very mature, can improve the strength of the boiler heat absorption, but also to meet the needs of thermal expansion of the heating surface, quality and efficiency are guaranteed. Now the fast boiler this boiler cleaning industry experts gave an account for everyone, the use of gas steam boiler companies will get any benefit. 1, more environmentally clean natural gas a "clean fuel" in the world, therefore, gas steam boilers mainly to environmental protection as the core, in the combustion process will not emit harmful gases and dust, so the air does not cause pollution and environmental burden. Traditional coal-fired boilers in use generated carbon dioxide and smoke not only affects air quality, physical and mental health will be affected. 2, the use of higher thermal efficiency than the reaction gas steam boiler much faster relative to other boiler thermal efficiency, since all the fuel in a combustion gas heat energy greater number, also promotes the rapid conversion of thermal energy in the boiler water and in the continuous release of steam. Compared with other thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers and fuel more quickly and efficiently. 3, the operation more intelligent gas steam boiler does not require manual operation of complex, full use of intelligent automatic control, all of the work process takes only a pre-configured all the parameters can easily use. Gas steam boiler in accordance with the design requirements of the user and automatically adjust the start and stop itself be water supply load. Any exception can achieve self-diagnostic interrupt sound and light alarms emit combustion occurs during operation.

Steam boiler heat loss is what causes? Steam boiler heat loss caused to the user a lot of burden, whether it is hot 3 pass water tube steam boiler what is causing the loss of it? To analyze together with you today. Specific causes heat loss of the steam boiler at several: 1: heat loss of exhaust energy: smoke exhaust gas boiler comprises means losses are not completely absorbed by the steam heat loss. How caused? Short distance high temperature flue gas fan suction force is too high, the high temperature flue gas immediately excluded from the boiler; a small heating area, high temperature flue gas boiler can not be sufficiently absorbed. 2: the fuel gas does not completely heat loss: the combustible gas discharged from the flue gas generated in a boiler, the fuel in the combustible gas or gaseous fuel combustion process itself does not contain all of the incomplete combustion releases heat losses arising. As the incomplete combustion of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide containing off-gas produced by combustion compared to the complete, only a quarter of the amount of heat released. 3: Solid incomplete combustion heat loss: refers to the solid fuel combustion process as a fuel grate down the drain does not release the heat of the flammable substance and ash contained in the combustion of the fuel can not completely burned released heat loss caused. 4: Loss steam boiler Grate: refers to the internal heat loss of the absorbent. 5: high temperature heat loss: Indicates high water temperature and hot water temperature, heat loss. 6: heat loss in steam boiler pipes caused by furring.

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