20T H Fo Condensing Boiler Water

20T H Fo Condensing Boiler Water

Gas hot water 20t h fo condensing boiler water safe operation of the Code

Gas hot water boiler and heating water for people living essential energy equipment, because of its specificity performance of the need to comply with strict safety operation of the Code. Then, gas hot water boiler needs to run how to protect their safety performance?

1, after carefully checking gas hot water boiler water supply, drainage, gas pipe fittings, safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge is sensitive Haoshi before work, make sure it is safe to operate.

2, with both hands to manipulate when Sheung hand to open the door of water, whereupon the other hand the water injector and valve open, water flows naturally into the furnace. When stopped, the steam valve should be closed first, then turn off the water door, switch and valve, the front face must escape in order to avoid accidents caused by soft drinks out.

3, gas hot water boiler in operation, to pay attention to all parts of the check, and observe whether the water pressure in the normal range. Fireman can not leave their posts without permission, when night work, avoid dozing off, but not allowed to sleep, to avoid accidents. Boiler blowdown, a class must be properly adjusted before the sewage water level, slightly higher than the normal water level of 2/3 of the standard, then the sewage.

4, the water level table class must be flushed once. Flushing, according to a predetermined program, the first closing valve and open the drain valve, flushing steam valve, when attention is blocked steam origin; steam valve is then closed, when attention is blocked antecedents water. Flushing valve, until the water becomes steam, some a little longer, in order to guarantee no false water level. Hot water boiler fuel gas safety checks must be carried out to prevent the presence of explosive materials in the fuel to prevent the risk of explosion.

Fourth, gas steam 20t h fo condensing boiler water hydrostatic test eligibility criteria

1, and no water mist on the walls of the pressure receiving element and the weld metal.

About 1 20t h fo condensing boiler water combustion adjustment, the main task of regulating combustion load at the same time meet the needs of the outside world the amount of steam and qualified steam quality, safety and economy of boiler operation. 2, adjusting the combustion boiler trial planned change certain parameters and tunable control (i.e., fuel supply and air distribution mode embodiment) of combustion conditions and make full adjustment measure certain single index value, and the acquired the results of scientific analysis, were compared in terms of economy, safety aspects, to determine the best way to run the whole operating characteristics and school equipment, such as testing, measuring and analysis work, adjusted for the boiler combustion test. 3, boiler combustion adjustment test of the meaning and purpose boiler combustion adjustment experiment is designed to explore the boiler operating characteristics and laws, and to determine the safety economic operation of boiler fuel in existing equipment and the nature of the conditions by testing. By adjusting the test burn more comprehensive, technical and economic characteristics of the boiler can be obtained under optimum operating modes (including fuel, air, flue gas, and soda working fluid operating parameters and boiler efficiency and auxiliary power indicators), to strengthen power plant technology management, performance control equipment to develop operating procedures, into the combustion automatic control system as well as good economic dispatch of the whole plant to provide evidence. Combustion Tuning Test purpose is to master the technical and economic characteristics of the boiler operation to determine the best way to run the boiler combustion system and various changes in the laws affecting factors, so as to ensure safe and economical operation of the boiler unit.

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