15Ton Lpg Boiler Cost

15Ton Lpg Boiler Cost

How expansion tank pressure hot water 15ton lpg boiler cost settings? That portion of the heat generated after the set pressure hot water boiler expansion tank action, on the one hand can absorb expansion of the boiler water is heated, the water volume of the boiler on the other hand also improved, which is evacuated to prevent the pump, the expansion tank of the boiler pressure how to set a more reasonable to do so? (1) during setup, the expansion tank ensures that the entire height of the box can not exceed the elevation of the top of the boiler 3 m, the diameter of the pipe connected to the boiler is less than 5 cm. (2) with respect to a general boiler, and the atmosphere need to set a boiler expansion tank, expansion tank of the boiler is generally disposed above the boiler, the diameter of the vent should not be less than 10 cm, in order to ensure the boiler often pressure normal operation. (3) Next, the expansion space of the tank should be greater than the net amount of water-swellable system, the system may receive only that part of the reflux of the circulating hot water. (4) means the orientation of the expansion tank, should be considered to avoid the water inside is frozen. (5) Of course, there is little to be noted that the entire circulating hot water boiler replenishment system can be up to the tank from the circulation, a boiler expansion tank may be common to several boiler.

The 15ton lpg boiler cost thermal power is more than 90%. The combination of bellows and conical stoves with outstanding expansion function is selected. The scale of the tank coincides with the flame, and the flow area of the flue gas is reduced so as to make the flue gas move at constant speed. Ensure the heat transfer time of the high temperature flue gas in the furnace to reach the best heat transfer function;

The basic criterion gas 15ton lpg boiler cost operation is safe and stable, how to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, boiler room need to start from the construction and operation of the boiler, specific requirements are as follows: 1, boiler room enough to stay safe passage, and, to be taken outside the boiler door apart manner; 2, the boiler room is provided to the gas leak detection devices, the time monitoring operating conditions of the gas; 3, the boiler room is arranged to meet the fire safety requirements; 4, the boiler operating temperature and pressure can not be too high; 5, gas boiler the water level must not run too high or too low, to be controlled within a predetermined range.

Based things, cloud computing, big data technology, fast Boiler actively exploring innovative operating mechanism 15ton lpg boiler cost safety, independent research and development of the boiler cloud services on-line monitoring system. This system realizes the remote monitoring of the boiler, real-time understanding of boiler operation data and other functions to ensure the healthy operation of the boiler in the state, to achieve the lowest energy consumption and minimize emissions, safe and secure, which is equivalent to each boiler is equipped with a " private doctor".

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