10Bar Pressure Diesel Steam Boiler

10Bar Pressure Diesel Steam Boiler

Second, the electric boiler is mainly composed of a body, the electronic control box, the control system and various power cable. Maintenance of these components, the control should be checked once in two months, and for the electric boiler burners, the process requires the use of every two months to remove some of the removed dust, etc.; surface is required for each photocell It may be wiped once; in addition to the filter in the pump, but also carry out regular checks. But be warned: Do not destroy the sealed pad to avoid damage to the pump.

Shutdown of the baked after the discharge of water, the internal completely remove the dirt, rinse, refill treated water to the full, the water was heated to 100 deg.] C oven, so that the water out of the furnace exhaust gas, and close all valves, cold weather the place can not support the use of moisturizing law, in order to avoid damage to the boiler furnace water freezes.

How to choose how to choose the gas boiler gas boiler 1, the heating and hot water are recommended to use different devices: a heating station selection 28KW warm bath dual gas boiler (including 7,000 or installation) for heating, while providing 1; ; hot nozzle 2; 2 selection hot water heater 80 liters (including installation around $ 4,000). 2, the choice of two boiler 24KW (including installation of 6,000 yuan / Taiwan), plus a 1 ;; mounted hot water tank 1.5 tons (1,500 dollars). To meet the heating and hot water needs. Note: The above two options are more economical, the device relatively easy to install, without taking up a large space, if the choice of a hot water boiler, then, in addition requires a specially designed boiler room, but also with a need to pump, the hot water tank and other equipment, In addition to higher costs, management and maintenance are more inconvenient.

Thirteen Five release plan indicates that China's move towards green development pace firmer, Beijing SASAC Building Materials Service Center from its start, the use of green boiler heating for low nitrogen as the primary task before the onset of winter. SAC Building Materials authorities after preliminary investigation and after the screening, the other fast boiler R & D experience in the field of boiler cleaning two decades expressed appreciation can, in August 2017 signed a five Thalia T6 series one boiler and two vacuum with fast Boiler condensing gas boiler products contract.

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