1000Kgh Diesel Steam Boiler

1000Kgh Diesel Steam Boiler

The absolute importance of Safety in the use of Steam boilersSteam boiler is the working environment of many years in the high temperature environment, so the safety problem of the equipment is more serious. However, this problem has been taken into account when 1000kgh diesel steam boilers are still being developed, so the R & D personnel have added a self-protection function to this steam boiler, if there are any problems at work, The self-protection function will automatically start, the steam boiler will stop, to ensure the interests of the industry, but also for the safety of workers to improve a certain degree of protection. Not only that, but there are a lot of features in this steam boiler, and not all of these features can be used in all products. Yes, so when the industry buys steam boilers, it should first buy some brands with relatively high professionalism and good reputation, and it is necessary to recognize the products produced by regular manufacturers, only after such careful operation. In order to make this steam boiler put into use in the future will not encounter any problems. And once the quality has a higher guarantee, but also for the industry cost investment reduced a lot, because quality to meet the standards so that the number of maintenance reduced a lot, reduce staff energy at the same time also save maintenance costs, It has played an important role in the development of the industry.

Notes before you start to run 1000kgh diesel steam boiler must be a comprehensive inspection of the steam boiler Sheung Shui, are under no abnormality can be put into use. Today small briefly one of the few issues Notes ----- Steam Boiler Feed should be noted that, with the view of the following: 1, the required water quality steam boiler, boiler water hardness is too high if the site should be supporting water, complete treatment can reduce fouling of demineralized water hardness of boiler tubes, thereby increasing the life of the boiler to reduce operating costs. 2, Sheung Shui, when should slow to add water inside the steam boiler feed water temperature is not too high. 3, add water, not too much, as the temperature of the water will continue to increase expansion, resulting in waste. Generally, add water to the normal water level of the water line also is the middle line on it, now supporting the steam boiler above all intelligent devices in Sheung Shui, simply open the smart addition of water it can be had. 4, to put inside the boiler economizer and air inside the boiler duct excluded when water was added. 5, after the Sheung Shui to see whether the water level in the water level dropped, there may be drain valve not closed tightly reason, you should check the steam boiler population during the Sheung Shui, welding flanges, pipe is leaking phenomenon exists, if found leaking immediately stop adding water and appropriate treatment.

February 13, 2019, a food processing plant in Heilongjiang province, after the Spring Festival to resume production process, boiler explosion accident occurred, killing two people were killed, to the masses lives and property of people come at a cost, resulting in adverse social impact .

To reduce boiler accident, maintain social stability and security personnel, Suihua City Market Authority to act quickly, on February 15 Kusakabe issued an emergency notice to deploy to carry out safety hazards investigation boilers within the city, the focus of the investigation after the Spring Festival recovery boiler operation baths and other crowded places in boilers, boiler timely elimination of security risks in the management and operation aspects of existence.

As of now, law enforcement officers deployed 116 times, check unit 52, checks the boiler 64 for five in the boiler there are security risks of Special Equipment Safety Supervision issued a letter of instruction, ordered to stop using, be put into use after the rectification qualified.

Fourth, the boiler anti-jamming device

Taking into account the special nature of commercial gas hot water boiler, the boiler needs to pay attention to whether there is anti-jamming device, the device not only related to the life of the boiler, but also related to the stability of the equipment, can not be ignored.

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