1 Ton Vacuum Boiler For Sale

1 Ton Vacuum Boiler For Sale

Fangkuai Boiler has more than 200 after-sales service outlets across the country. Each after-sales service outlet is equipped with a professional 1 ton vacuum boiler for sale technical engineer, providing 24-hour emergency repair services, and has sufficient spare parts and wearing parts all year round, convenient. Customers change in time.

Boiler explosion: 1 ton vacuum boiler for sale accident points boiler and furnace two parts: an accident of boiler body is divided into five categories: crack, shrink flat, burning, swelling, cracks. The furnace in the fuel gas explosion accident. Which is hereby cause of the accident occurred and the case are as follows: Burst (called Rupture): boiler, due to negligence of the operator, or pressure allowed, or due to corrosion thinning, beyond their actuation can bear pressure, thus generating burst. Condensing flat (Collaps): Because the water level is too low, resulting in loss of overheating, cold water added suddenly, so that the steam condenses into water pot, is the volume is reduced to a vacuum, such as poor support, could not bear the atmospheric pressure outside, i.e., causing shrinkage flat. Burning (Burning): mostly burnt in the furnace tube, pipe and cigarette tobacco tube to tube plate joints. The reason for the operator to add too much fuel, the fire caused by excessive; or by the lack of capacity of the boiler, causing fuel to pay more due to the raging fire. Swell (Buldge): This is because the oil within the boiler or scale pan is attached to the steel plate or the heat can not propagate, causing local overheating (LocalHeating), decreased material stress plate soften, resulting in swelling phenomenon. Cracks (Crack): This is because: the boiler water is too alkaline formed caustic embrittlement (CaustivEnbrittlemnt). The steel material caused by impurities such as oxygen-containing laminate (Lamination). Thick steel plate, temperature difference is too large, the thermal expansion and contraction caused by stress corrosion, known as erosion groove (Grooving). As the gas blast furnace, the use of oil-based, gaseous fuel, exhaust gas poor, and the explosive range of the gas, causing an explosion.

Similarities and differences between the 1 ton vacuum boiler for sale and hot water boiler vacuum:? Vacuum boiler hot water boiler you can become the main provider of heating and hot water boiler bath, can also provide hot water compared to the hot water boiler, steam boilers difficulty managing energy consumption. high weaknesses, but relatively energy-efficient hot water boiler, operation and management is relatively simple, economic and social benefits significantly.

How much money for such a hot water 1 ton vacuum boiler for sale is not too specific issue, we are unable to conduct a detailed answer. Currently hot water boiler is also one of the main boiler form, which can be divided into gas hot water boiler, electric heating hot water boilers, hot water boiler is also a vacuum, but the specific price, then, will depend on the customer choice is which form of hot water boiler, there is the tonnage customer choice is to have a great relationship. Recently, there is a business to be fast boiler consulting, want to buy a hot water boiler, but for specific models and price points are needed do not understand. In this regard, fast boiler for the actual situation of the factory to understand, with the possibility of expanding production also made a detailed analysis of the latter part of the enterprise, because the enterprise is mainly used for heating, as well as a small part is used in the bath, another point is that the company is currently in urgent need of boiler, hot water boiler is not required because the vacuum of inspection. So, for the enterprise, fast boiler technician recommended that two tons of vacuum hot water boiler is to meet the needs of the enterprise. The current price of the boiler model is about 150,000. So, for the enterprise, how much two tons of vacuum hot water boiler there is a relatively accurate answer, fast boiler current price of the product is about 150,000, the current model is to meet the needs of enterprises of .

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