1 Ton Boiler Steamgas Boiler Sale

1 Ton Boiler Steamgas Boiler Sale

Fangkuai Group insists on using sophisticated equipment and technology to ensure operation accuracy, increase rigidity and surface finish, reduce wear, ensure excellent performance, and ensure stable and reliable manufacturing quality. It has a domestic Class A 1 ton boiler steamboiler sale manufacturing license issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. It has been based on quality for many years and has obtained a number of authoritative quality certifications.

2, choose how much 1 ton boiler steamboiler sale?

We all know that at the time of the election should be selected based on the tonnage of the boiler heat load of the actual needs of enterprises, but not simple and crude calculated how much heat loads to choose how much of a boiler.

Gas heating 1 ton boiler steamboiler sale during what needs to be done before the start of commissioning

I believe in many northern cities, has been put on the heating heating company focused on project work. So, before performing gas boiler heating furnace Kai, What provisions do?

Gas-fired 1 ton boiler steamboiler sale to install indoor plumbing rules you need to follow when you purchase over the gas boiler, then immediately faced with the installation part of the boiler, this step is also very important aspect. First of all we must be clear, most of the boiler pressure vessel with pressure belonging, safety must be the top priority position. Therefore, we must choose a good installation qualification, professional installation of boiler units. Mounted gas boiler comprising an outer main boiler room and boiler room in two parts. A boiler room mounted gas boiler-room installation comprising a main valve instrumentation gas boiler, boiler feed water, drainage channels, flues, steam pipes and the like connected to the installation. After gas boiler in place, the installation can proceed to the matters specific installation process is as follows: 1, gas boiler valve installed before installation of the valve shall be visually checked, one by one, and the strength and tightness test, passing the valve, the internal water net, and 2, pipe installation gas boiler pipeline installation according to demands on the pipes, fittings, flanges QA should technical oversight registered pressure pipes, fittings, flanges regular manufacturer, must have the appropriate material alone, certificate, certificate of no material single pipe, pipe fittings, flanges will be allowed to use. Welded boiler tubes gas should meet the technical requirements, as follows: natural gas boiler before welding operator must go through the relevant technical training, assessment qualified to obtain operating permits skills, before taking a post operation is prohibited without a license welding. Gas boiler welding operators six months of continuous off-site, should be re-technical training before the post back operation after passing the examination. Gas boiler welding operators should have performance welding apparatus used, are familiar with product design, and process documents standard boiler. Welding operator should do a good job managing the welding site, the tool should be able to operate properly, proper care should welders welding process instructions or welding process card welding, the welder near the weld should be marked with the code stamp low stress. Tube groove on the interface should comply with the provisions of the drawings, the groove should be polished clean 10mm range, when applied together clamp jig counterparts, leaving a good clearance fixed spot, quality check and correct counterpart, when the welding line. Arc can not be carried out on the tube at the weld when welding gas boiler, when the arc receiving arc fill port. Weld on the tube, it should be fully finished prior to the welding pressure test. Users may not secretly install gas boilers, pressure containers, particularly gas pressure steam boiler with a gas hot water boiler, pre-installation to the quality supervision departments for approval, and the need to complete the entire installation process in the quality supervision department supervision. Second, the external gas boiler room installation project according to the needs and circumstances of their own.

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